Cyprus ... here come the Russians

Business Insider, 8th Feb, citing a Russian source, suggesting that Cyprus is about to sign an agreement with Russia to allow Russian military bases to be established on the island.

Could this be the 21st century’s first “Cuban missile crisis”? If the story gets picked up it’ll be interesting to see how “the markets” react on Monday.



This follows an earlier report from last month by The Greek Reporter that the Russian Ambassador to the island had said Russian was interested in establishing a military presence there.



Interesting times …

Blue Horseshoe

Could prove to be very interesting due to the fact that there are two sovereign British bases there right now!

Perhaps that’s Cyprus’ niche.

Ireland hosts tax-dodging international corporations, whilst Cyprus hosts international naval bases.

I wonder how many they could fit ?

It’s worth nothing that is a formerly independent media outlet that was rather publicly forced back into toeing the government line last year and saw its editor and many of its journalists resign. (A few of them have since set up As with all government controlled/influenced Russian media one of their current memes is that the EU is incapable of independent action and that it does not want to impose sanctions on Russia but is forced to do so (at gunpoint) by the US. Therefore they leap on any possible sign of dissent and amplify it as a sign that the US is finally losing its hegemony. It is helpful to view stories like this emanating from the Russian media through this prism.

Chatter from Cypriot commentators on this last night was sceptical. They made the point that the existing military cooperation agreement between Russia and Cyprus is up for renewal, so something was always going to be signed this month, and that the replacement is just as likely to be an extension of the existing document. In 2013, when Cyprus’ banks were closed for weeks and they were trying to play Moscow against Frankfurt to get the least painful rescue deal, Russian bases were discussed as a credible option. If it didn’t happen then, when they were really under pressure, then it would be strange for it to happen now at a time when they have much more breathing space. But I guess stranger things have happened…

That was last night. Today the chatter is that there might be some substance to it after all.

cue increase in black economy in Cyprus’s prostitution, & drugs markets…

Denial from Cypriot Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides

More Russian FUD… there was a article somewhere on their extremely successful ‘Minister’ for propaganda… this sounds like one of his wheezes.

Thank you, that’s the fellow!

Turns out it’s true.

Maybe we should offer Donegal as a base? Raise some money for our coffers…

Are ye trying to give Coles2 a heart attack ?

Not really though I would have thought. In comparison to the full blown British bases isn’t Cyprus really only agreeing with Russia the type of landing rights that Ireland grants to the US military in Shannon for example?