Cyprus would seek EU bailout money 'if necessary


Cyprus would seek EU bailout money 'if necessary ->


Laiki Bank is Cyprus’ Anglo with 49% of it’s loan book written to Greece. But it’s even worse because Laiki is one of the top two retail banks in the country, not a second tier player like Anglo was here.


The deadline for the Cypriot bank bailout/recap is 30 June 2012. Cyprus would prefer that the bailout money comes from Russia rather than from the IMF/Europe.

Highly informative article in the FT on the situation in Cyprus … … z1wkBomcg0


AP: Cyprus Popular Bank: Cyprus Will seek ‘EU’ Bailout


As fungus says above, they have a 10% Corpo Tax in Cyprus as well. (For now.)


Reuters: Cyprus bailout could come soon … NT20120611

Ollie Rehn has also just said that a Cyprus bailout is now “extremely urgent”. Cypriot banks must be on the edge. Bailout 5 here we come.


**FT: Cyprus May Look for bailout for Sovereign and Banks. ** … ogAMgi-OmA


Europe Bailout #5 Is In The Books


minutes away round five !

Surely the Greeks are a side show now - Italy/Spain are the real issue.


A more in depth recounting of the Popular (Laiki) Bank debacle. It all sounds depressingly familiar. … M920120613


An Interesting Bailout in the Offing -> … ffing.html


Cypriots close to sealing €5bn loan from Moscow -> … ther-cuba/


Cyprus Officially Requests Bailout … ts-bailout


Fitch said bailout 2 (Russia gave bailout I) for Cyprus would be 4 billion, now it might be 10 billion …

FT: Cyprus Bailout May be as much as 10 Billion EUR … z1ypZVrnLb


Thats the first estimate. If Cyprus is like all the other bailout countries, You can double this.


800000 people, they might give us a run for our money on biggest bailout per capita.


Troika Finds Cyprus economy worse than expected … s_RSS_Art1


Good call. Estimates now well above 10 billion EUR.

Bloomberg: Cyprus May Need More Bailout Cash For Banks, Public Finances … ances.html



I wonder how much of this will Ireland be supplying …

Cyprus seeks €11.5 billion bailout