Cyprus would seek EU bailout money 'if necessary



Rule 40? - Check!

It’s an interesting read. The idea of resource was was apparent to me in my mid teens. It kind of haunted me a bit. The wars will be predicated greater ignorance which means they can be averted as nearly that entire list. Not saying those in the centre of the powers hub won’t do their damdest to check off all the points on that list be they aware of it’s existence or not! :confused:


Reports of deal done.

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Edit - this is interesting:


Makes you think that finding oil or some other scarce natural resource now could be a curse rather than a blessing for future generations.


Second proposal - what it entails to be put the floor @6pm GMT
Last one lasted 2 hours
Id expect some fiery scenes but MPs likely to be cowered but the events of the last week. … ussia-vote


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