D6: Thank heavens it's Rathgar

I came across this gem on google at the weekend from the halcyon days of Feb 2007.

independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 22134.html

Smart, very smart.

Here’s a current offering in Neville Rd in need of work myhome.ie/residential/brochu … gar/217809 asking 750k.

Looking at bing maps, the houses on the street seem pretty uniform.

bing.com/maps/#JndoZXJlMT1yY … M1MDcwODEy

different houses on that road. I’d say 11 is the full red brick.

No 11 went for 2.8M in 2007.
tribune.ie/archive/article/2 … gin-to-re/

The two houses are fairly different.
The one currently for sale needs a lot of work, is a good bit smaller (probably 700 sqft smaller), layout is poorer, has an east facing garden and no off street parking.
No 11. is a very nice house, suitable for an Ard Rí