D8 Thomas Street/Liberties Area - Thoughts on area?


Hi all,

I’m looking at renovation properties in the Liberties/D8 area such as this one: daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=428714

The houses are well built, but I have some concerns about the area after speaking with colleagues and also taxi drivers. Crime and anti social behavior appear to be real issues.
Some people I’ve spoken to really talk up the area and the ‘salt of the earth’ people. I’ve just hoping not to be mugged and have my future house burglarized on a regular basis.

I’ve never lived around there but the proximity to the city centre and historic and characterful area (Guinness, Christchurch etc, etc) are all pluses.

Long term if I move out, would this be rentable to families/good tenants?




I travel through that area every day. It wouldn’t be my first choice of places to raise a family.


Worked in that area for the best part of 5 years - would never consider living there.


My thoughts on the area would involve napalm.


Depends on what you’re looking for…most here are after a house in the suburbs in which to raise kids etc so you’re probably not going to get much positive comment re Thomas Street on this site…indeed, if you are after leafy suburban bliss you’re probably not going to find it around that area full stop…however I lived around there for many years and enjoyed it, never had any hastle but if you’re easily offended you mightnt like it…plenty of junkies, the odd thug, the odd brothel, shit pubs side by side with some decent pubs, coffee shops, art studios, antique dealerships, NCAD…LIDL and Tesco for the horse burgers…Burdocks for the chips…Smithfield/Stoneybatter (I view this as a plus by the way :wink:) are only over the river about 5 minutes walk and in 10 minutes you can be on Dame Street…I walked to work and nights out every day for years (work every day that is!)…never had any trouble…but I did pass it on occasion…so its all really in the eye of the beholder…would you not go down and have a look? :slight_smile:


Lived there about 10 years ago when I was young and carefree. It was mighty craic.

We spend summer evenings sitting on the roof smoking and drinking doing a bit of people watching onto Thomas Street.
We super-glued a 50pc piece to the footpath at the pedestrian crossing, almost everybody tried to pick it up.
One day a man came with a knife and got his 50pc. No amount of money has ever given us as much entertainment.

Nobody ever gave us any real bother, but I would not consider raising kids there.
There were junkies asleep in the veranda to our building most mornings.
As none of us had a car at the time it was not something that really concerned us, but cars were always being burned out on the narrow streets of Thomas St. Don’t know if the cars were from the area but every 4-6 weeks a there would be a fresh one.


+1 with magpie’s post.

Went to secondary school around there and lived in a similar type area on the northside during my late twenties. Loved it and the junkies, scummers etc never really bothered me and, despite one of them breaking into my apartment once while I was sleeping (can happen anywhere but this was a drugged out 15 year old with a syringe on his person), I never felt overly threatened. Because its totally different when you’re just looking out for yourself. I would never choose to bring up a family around there - even when I started secondary school there 30 years ago this area had a serious underbelly.

Not to say there isn’t great people living there, some of them salt-of-the-earth dubs, some artists, some professionals etc but there are just too many scumbags too.

If you are going to be single or part of a childless couple for the rest of your life then I can see why the proximity to town and the eclectic feel would appeal.


Agree with the stuff about kids…wouldnt really consider it a good place to raise a family but the sense I get is that the OP is a youngish guy/girl who is thinking of buying somewhere that they may be able to rent out down the line…therefore it may suit them depending on personal tastes…one thing I might suggest is that the area closer to St Patricks Cathedral has a nicer, quieter feel to it than Meath Street…similar type of houses but quieter/less chaotic in terms of human traffic…in general terms the closer to town you get the nicer Thomas Street gets…although Ill admit to being a bit biased in saying that :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed - and there are always going to be people wanting to rent this close to town.


Thank you all for the input. I’m in 2 minds about the area - the house itself I like. I’m am “a youngish guy/girl who is thinking of buying somewhere that they may be able to rent out down the line”.

I had the surveyor over to the house at lunch. The taximan did not think highly of the place. Opinions like that I do value.

There is always a trade off in regards to a particular area - I just want to get a sense if the balance lies way to much towards gritty/anti social etc versus convenient and close to town/affordability etc.


Assuming you’re in no huge rush to buy by next week or next month, why not rent a place in the area for a few months and see how you find it?


Bar a few years out of Ireland in the middle, I have lived either just around the corner from the house you are thinking of buying or on the other side of Cork St (Donore/Blackpitts area) since the 1990s.

If I were thinking of buying in Dublin 8 within walking distance of town in your budget range, I would look at Blackpitts/the Tenters rather than Thomas Street. In terms of anti-social behaviour, crime, visible drunkeness/junkie spaced-outness and a general feeling of insecurity right on your doorstep, there is no comparison. Houses like the ones linked to below are around the same budget, size and amount of work needed as the Hanbury Lane one but its a much much quieter area. (The ‘for sale’ ones have fluffy looking prices - the sold ones on the ppr give a more realistic view of what you might be paying). Its not middle class suburban wisteria heaven - it is working class Dublin with significant social exclusion and dysfuntion a short walk away - but in terms of walking home at night, feeling safe in your home, a sense of neighbourhood (and some good creches and primary schools in case you stop being a young guy/gal about town all of a sudden!) it is a totally different ballgame.

propertypriceregister.ie/Web … enDocument

propertypriceregister.ie/Web … enDocument

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myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/2320064


Hi Txirimiri!

Welcome back, we missed your posts.


I lived in a flat on Thomas Street for a year, nearly 15 years ago with my best friend. We thought it was great craic, always a few harmless characters around, never any trouble. It was our first time living away from home in the county, so we loved living so close town in a vibrant area of the city. At the time all the talk was how the Liberties were going to be rejuvenated and was the up-and-coming area. Never really happened!

A few years after that I met the OH, who at the time lived in an apartment on Francis Street. The trouble he had with junkies was shocking. Not sure how, but they used to get into the hallways and stairwells of the apartment block and shoot up. Whether they used to watch people put in the security code, or sneak in before the door slammed shut, I don’t know. One time a junkie went for him with a ripped beverage can. A good few other times, you’d see them just skagged out in the hallway, or just the remains of their ripped cans or foil. Some of them were so young, was very sad to see. It was a disgrace how long it took management to take action and bring in better security to keep them out.

I loved living there at the time, but driving around there you can often spot gangs of young fellas hanging around, who I would feel quite intimidated by now. At the time, there didn’t seem to be that element. Or perhaps, as I was a young one myself, I just never noticed them!


Action starts 0:35…

An Italian overdub of classic french film Mon Oncle with the requisite scene is all I coudl find!


If you’re thinking of D8, remember that the new Children’s Hospital (assuming it’s ever built) should provide a nice uplift to some parts of D8. Influx of hospital workers etc.


Thank you for that. People watching is one of life’s simple little pleasures, if you can manipulate the scene with comical results it becomes a truly joyous thing.


I speed read this post and misread “eclectic feel” as “electric fence”. Which sounds like something a lot of the posters on this thread would recommend, if you were to buy this gaff.


Live in Dublin 8 myself and love the up/down feel of the area but you do need to have your wits about you. Unfortunately this type of incident is something that can happen if people are not careful or aware of the potential dangers with some of the locals.

I wouldn’t be keen on living in that part of D8 myself and a little further west sees much safer and cleaner areas for only a small bit more in house prices. Bearing in mind that the house linked in the OP needs significant investment in renovation, you may be better off buying around Rialto/Kilmainham/near end of Crumlin and get more bang for your buck.


@gaius - That incident took place in Rialto. The house I posted about is around the corner from Guinness, the Digital Hub, Vicar St and about 5 mins walk from Christchurch. There is a primary care centre down the street and the street itself runs along the rear of St Andrews church. Its not Ballsbridge, but that said, not quite as bad as you might think. Granted, the house is a total derelict, and needs full renovation.

What a range of views here! Thanks for all the input - the Jacques Tati clip is great!