D8 - what to offer/do at all??

myhome.ie/residential/search … LMOH373886

Thinking about putting in an offer.

Asking €410K. EA says one in already at €380K. Will apparently be accepted, pending return verification from whoever put this in. if that is to be believed of course.

What are the opinions of the pins? Has this way to fall yet??..given area, relatively good condition (superficially at moment…) and massive potential for future renovation and extension

many thanks

It’s over-priced in my opinion.

If you can wait, wait.

if you look at the size 60m2 and multiply with 3500e per m2 (it needs some work inside, parking?,)
you get 210k add a bit for the sheer lunacy of the market and say 250k

More like immediate need for renovation and extension. 645sq ft!!!

MOD Edit: Keep it clean.

Run away. A bigger house nearby, better condition, semi-d, off street parking and view of the canal (smaller rear garden though) went for about €325k recently. There’s no reason why this should command a premium even today, let alone in the future.

Run… faster!!!

That’s a terrible price - if you want a house like that wait a while. Depending on your plans for the next few years, you could find it very small, very quickly I’d say.
This one is in much the same area and has been at the same price for a long long time. I think it is still overpriced for what it is, but looks nice, in fairness:

well thanks to all for the replies…always interesting to hear the views. and given my massive impatience to take the plunge…in order to finally be on the ladder and get out of renting - it always helps for you lot to bring me back to reality on what something is or is not, and in most cases not!

I have a habit of going off on a tangent of imagining renovated space and end product, airy lofy extensions…architectural digest how are ya :laughing:

much and all as i am ready to move, maybe i should just wait

Heres the clean version…

I think it’s a horrible looking house. Not in a millions years would I pay 410k for that.

Remove emotions and look at what it really is, a neglected, tiny kip in a rough enough part of dublin.

Django your ‘clean’ honesty is appreciated!

although you do have me wondering, as i try to lower my standards, and compromise, move away from the ideal, realise nothing will be picture perfect from the get-go etc etc…but doing all this in order to get something…you must have the highest standards of them all?! :wink:

maybe i should try to be more like you…

Me personally, I’m going to rent for the next while.

I think for that money you should be able to get something much nicer than that.

I know we’ve been condtioned to not think of 410k as a large sum of cash, but it is. (It’s over 10 times the national industrial wage.)

The longer you wait the further it will go.

This is pure property porn but it might give you some perspective


Here’s a handy to shake out your love for this property: Do a search and see what $400k gets you in most parts of the US. Have a look and see what £400k (or Euro equivalent) gets you in the UK.

That house is a kip, pure and simple.

me loves prop porn.

but let me tell you - i am one of these people who this time last year would only have been able to look at apartments - and certainly not anything like you linked me to - but further out, much further out from city centre, massive management fees etc, winds and depression gusting through the grim and concrete scape.

i have fortunately seen some changes in the last 6 months that have allowed me look at what is now proving to be a drying up niche of 2 bed houses of the range €360€480(convinced myself it would all be ok if managed to find same with a bit of red brick and ‘character’, and some TLC would make all fine). Hence the focus on terraces, city centre location. i can tell you the volume of these proeprties is deminishing believe it not. The amount that fall into the right location (ish), price (ish) and being liveable (ish) are either being bought (have made numerous calls this week alone only to be told sold, sale agreed…) taken off the market (as they are not seeing the 2006 prices) and nothing new being added (current mkt not enticing new vendors). Indeed, houses of this variety are beginning to be few and far between.

Set the alarm bells off in my head that i should buy! Something…anything that = house!

am not sure now if i can go back to looking at apartments and being subjected to variable huge management fees…and then ultimately wanting a house anyway.

anyway, that’s my life story of last year. thank you for taking the time to respond to my posts, even if you consider them somewhat dillusional! XD maybe i am!!

I can’t think of a worse reason to spend €400k.

Don’t Ponzi schemes operate on the concept of the greater fool…

Whao! 2006 flashback. :frowning:

You’re being fed bullshit, very little is selling.



Stats don’t lie.

If you’re looking for a two bed in the city centre, have you seen this one?
myhome.ie/residential/search … HHHP362247
It’s a two bed, with a “study”/spare room possibly. Decent size house too, has a nice conservatory and looks in good condition. It’s still available, near a luas, and if you don’t mind inner city life could be a go-er!

Previous gaff on Clarkes Terrace is down the road from me, grand area, nice house too. Gulps, paid shed loads more for my place in 2006 like a muppet, and it needed loads of work. This one looks grand plus the nice conservatory. Starting to wonder if we should try to flog our place, take the negative equity hit and rent for a few years, bit like shooting ourselves in the foot but we already have. Bugger. Aaagh!