Daft: 155,904 properties online (1,028 in the last 24 hours)

There seems to be a new feature on the front page of Daft, telling you how many properties they have online. 155K is a massive number! I presume it includes new developments, lettings and shared houses.

Yeh alot, beat that myhome :smiley:

ROI sales are 45482 houses/bungalows, 5032 apts, rest are sites. Wonder have they weeded out the duplicates and the ads for 30 houses in a new development types yet.

I’d be interested in seeing it being monitored like on daftwatch. It’s a huge number.

Overseas properties are probably included in that figure too.

I started watching it in November (I think) and at the time there was approx 134k listings at that time.
It held more or less constant till Jan then started shooting up.


It does include overseas property

Just topped 160k today.

Probably filled with duplicates, daft’s data is quite messy.

Fair enough you are right about that but consider the three ads Wyckham point have on daft. 1 bed, 2 bed and 3 bed. Three ads for 500 unsold apartments. If anything they are way understating the number for sale and rent.

True, the duplicates may just balance out the one ad for 100 apartments issue.

We’ve no real way of knowing for sure but the figure is increasing and that tells it’s own story.

Daft Sales listings now up to 62,160.

Daft Rental listings still below 11,000 at 10,776

163,592 properties online (1,445 in the last 24 hours) now

170k + today

207000 odd listings on Daft today :open_mouth:

So much choice, so little time :smiley:

WTF is going on here exactly?

Depends. Does that include them houses out furren. Myself and herself were mentally playing with the pipe dream of making a bolt for it a few months back and we googling property in Italy. (old farmhouse near Lucca type of thing) ).
I was surprised to find a link to Daft with a load of recently built apartments in resort towns in Southern Italy. While it lists only 116 properties, most of these are multiple ads, ie. Choice of 1,2, or 3 bed in our resort type of thing.
How much of the 207K does this kind of thing make up and is it counted as 116 or 116 x by X apartments.

I think the change in the weather has declared the ‘spring selling season’ to be open. I keep an eye on the 3 bedroom Ranelagh terraced houses on myhome and they went up from 5 to 12 from my last check on Sunday.

Driving through Terenure this morning I noticed a huge number of houses for sale - looking down the short bit of Fergus Rd that you can see I could see four signs.

I suspect a subtext is that the message is getting out there that there is quite definitely going to be a further fall in prices and this may be your last chance sell to a sucker at a price anything near what you think its worth. For the first time since I started the survey in June 2008 there is a house with an asking price below 500k. It’s off Chemlsford Rd and even the EA says its a doer-upper - but still it represents a shift as it is a genuine Ranelagh red brick myhome.ie/residential/brochure/7-chelmsford-avenue-ranelagh-dublin-6/112048

67% of the 3 bed ranelagh terraced houses on myhome at the moment are asking less than 700k and the median price is 615k.

quick daft bash results in this number of listings per section across the top (ignoring lettings and new homes as i can see that new homes are duplicated in sales and guess the same applies for short term)

sale 89,649
rent 22,569
commercial 19,495
sharing 5,175
overseas rent 14,395
overseas sale 15,883

as the daft front page number is 206,881 it’s feasible that that number is counting multiple properties per listing

perhaps daft could tell us ?

Does each listing map to 1 letting?

Methinks not, there are 40+ apts in this one alone: