Daft got thier own figures wrong

Daft’s own ecomomist, Donal Lyons, got his facts wrong on the number of properties for sale. He states that the number of properties for sale peaked in September. This is incorrect. The number of properties for sale in DUBLIN peaked in September. At national level the number of properties for sale is still rising.


Perhaps he too is a VI!!

Donal Lyons
Daft Economist…


It might be reasonable to assume he has more accurate info than daftwatch…

Orwellgeorge, That should be Ronan Lyons :slight_smile:

I’ve met the guy once. His personality comes across as very sincere.

Ronan Lyons indeed.

Any chance that he would clarify his interpretation of the Daft.ie figures?

I agree - they’re not going to make it a major part of the story, knowing that it directly contradicts daftwatch’s trends, without being very sure of what they’re talking about.

Maybe the clue is in that last sentence of the report (at daft.ie/report/Daft-Report-Q … Review.pdf):
“Stock and flow statistics are calculated using consistent series for the period covered.”

That suggests to me that they’ve corrected for duplicates or the stockpiles of estate agents newly joined up with daft resulting in a false jump in the series, or some other inconsistency that would arise in just going on every hour and taking their total.

Incidentally, that trend in Dublin is interesting. How it develops over the first quarter could be very important.