Daft.ie Advanced Search. Help!

I’m trying to do a property search using the Daft.ie ‘Advanced Search’ that excludes properties that contain a particular word or phrase in it’s description. Can anyone help?

A search for the word ‘purple’ would contain the following in the url…
A search for ‘dark purple’ would contain
…but it doesn’t seem to be possible to do a search that excludes a word.

If you choose to ‘exclude a type of property’, the property types are numbered 0 to 6 depending on the choice made and it shows up in the following section of the url.
&s%5Bnpt_id%5D=1, where 0 is for exclude none, 1 for houses, 2 for apartments etc…
So no help there.

Can any one help?

No. But. If you do twitter, and you still can’t grab this by Monday, you can always contact them here twitter.com/daftmedia and they are prone to saying things like “we’ll have a look at it for you” because I had a moan about something to do with their email alerts and they actually picked it up. I was impressed.

Thanks Calina. It seems that it should be a straight forward enough thing. Hopefully it’ll be enabled at some stage.