Daft Inventory gone insane!!!!!!!!!!

An extra 1200 properties now at 9.05 than when I looked earlier about 7:00 AM

Now 30,942 Matches
Earlier 29,700 approx . ( Thinking to myself that the 30K barrier will be broken this week, not this morning before breakfast)

I think there might a problem with their system.

I got blasted with 20 alerts for Co. Meath this morning! Which is only really 5, but they sent 4 of each!

How are new builds counted? Are the actual number of units available? Maybe a few new launches appeared? (like Adamstown)

They’re generally only one entry.

Or maybe one entry of each type at the very most!

That’s certainly what I’d suspect too - although if it is something buggy it still hasn’t been fixed yet, as daftwatch is still showing 31k as of 3pm.

That’s a good point. As it actually shows that the daft figures likely hide the availability of many new build units.

I don’t work all that far away from the daft offices! :wink:

I could go down and haver a chat with one of the lads 8)

I think they are pretty bearish anyway after hearing them a few times.

Ok those stats are all over the place as it’s down now to about 30300 after a ‘high’ yesterday of aprox 31900.

Rental supply is really taking a battering in Dublin. Its appalling.

Only 780 houses to rent in the Dublin area.
Only 980 Apts for rent in the dublin area.

Thats insane.

I’ve never seen it that low especially for the capital not since the early days of daft.

Looks like everyone is pulling out of the rental market to feed the last gasps of their hopes & dreams.

Lets see how this is by the end of the summer.

Shit, in a city the size of Dublin that is just nuts. Are those figures from Daftwatch?

Damn. My lease is up in June, if the rental market hasn’t started to shake out by then I could have major issues.

Could be just a temporary phenomenon. Give it a few weeks/months to establish trend.

I know I know,

The Figures are from the Dublin Lettings main search page,


I always associated daft with more lettings than sales, obviously this trend changed a good while ago.

Were as sales for dublin are,

2755 for houses & 1282 for apartments.


I think the trend is very obvious from daftwatch.

Yea I too am not happy about this one bit. There is no way we can sustain another 2000 rental hike scenario. I don’t think the rental market can sustain rents rising to current monthly mortgage repayments.

Its depressing, however my lease is up in NOV so fingers crossed.

The scenario is somewhat helped by the the PRTB & the new tenants rights we have a better chance of challenging any attempts of mega rental hikes beyond market norms or being turfed out for higher paying renters (which I don’t see happening) now that you have longer tenancy rights.

So far predicitons seem to be bearing out and this is the early stage of the trend, meaning those unsold houses will probably be back on the rental market by summers end (becasue we all know the election will put buyers off untill they see how SD shapes up :wink: )

Here we go again!

I would be very interested to know what the number of sales per month is – this will truly tell the direction of the market

Basically it is well knowm in the US that:

< 6 months inventory = sellers market

6 months inventory = buyers market

In Key West Florida I saw a report that said there is a 100 year supply of homes at the current rate of sales

Anyone know what the number of sales per month is in Ireland?

Jesus, someone just flipped 30,000 units on Daft yesterday!


Then again, maybe it was a glitch.

Nah its just ths spring selling season, they all sold last weekend and now there is a huge shortage of property.

Hi can anyone let daftwatch know about this as the graph is compressed due to the error the other day

That’d be me. I was away for a few days, so didn’t see it until this morning. Sorry! Fixed now.