Daft IPW Report #13 - 703 Drops


Significant drop in the number of falls per day down from an average of over 100 per day to 88 per day in the last week.

Any opinion why this is happening now?

P.S. OW’s buying frenzy is not a valid reason

Possibly Easter and schools on half term beak.

Agents most likely to have been recommending people keep their powder dry.

I would expect fros to remain low for a couple more weeks until the end of the spring selling fenzy is on the horizon at which time the sense of urgency will rise.

Add to that the final deluded wishes for rate cuts being scotched.

Sellers have set out their stall for the selling season in anticipation of a seasonal resurgence in demand. I’d imagine that we will see a slowdown in price drops as sellers test demand around current price levels.

When exactly does this mythical “Spring Selling Season” begin and end, anyways?

Any year now.


I’d imagine that’s the case. It’s also possible that some sellers have started to believe the VIs who have been proclaiming that we’ve reached the bottom, and that prices will now remain stable in the short term.

If you imagine sellers in the market as an army in retreat; the selling season can be seen as a holding action, where the army turns to make a stand against the advancing enemy (reality). A short skirmish follows and the army turns on its heels and withdraws once again. Question is will the retreat become a rout?

Short answer, yes.


Jim from taxi

Where does the army of buyers fit into all this?
The desertion rate there is shockingly high and that army is in full retreat.
Will the firing squad be soon rolled out or is it too late for that?
It reminds me of the Nazis at the end of WW2 when 15 year old boys were sent out to fight and we all know how that one ended 8)

Over this 8-day period there were only 4 estate agent in-the-office days, due to weekends and bank holidays.
I’m considering Saturday as an off-day.
Perhaps this skews the figures.