DAFT - more photos equals more 'views' or higher activity

I see now that houses on DAFT are displaying the numbers of ‘views’ or levels of activity down the very bottom when you click on ‘More information’. If a house has loads of photos, this activity will then be higher than a house with only a couple of photos.
Bear this mind if you are looking at house ads and there seems to be huge interest in it making you nervous. I can only imagine having more photos works in the EA’s favour as it increases the apparent activity on a property. Cue large increase in numbers of photos per house on DAFT.

Would a small walk-through video help even more ?

All Good:
Might be a bit harder to get the ‘Wide Boy Wide Angle’ and ‘Bluest Blue Sky Photoshop’ enhancements!

It’s all about the dolphin.

I just went to check on Daft and noticed they don’t even have two properties I was taking an interest in (that are on MyHome).

Good to know, though.

Does the counter reset if the property listing is renewed?

It wasn’t called “property porn” for nuttin! :blush: