Daft now has a "below 50K" price search option

Previously the lower bound was 100K.
Need I say more.


Plenty of gems in that range too, like this 3-roomed cottage in need of repair:


Where IS the cottage ?? I see a former cowshed


Only 15 minutes to Roscommon town though!

The armpits armpit ! :laughing:

In all fairness it’s on 3 1/4 acres, so works out at €9k per acre.

So on the usual square footage basis that’s pretty good 8)

As the running joke went in “The Money Pit” :


It’s that bit of stonework on the left hand side. :angry:

I think i see chimneys!

Yep! Interesting conversion though.

Take one WWII nissen hut and drop it onto an old house. :laughing:

They really should include the BER certificate.

THis will cost the present “lucky” owner of this “Tranquil setting in countryside” 200 Euros in september, vacant/ second home… and this could be for years to come :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

What about the house next door on the left? Are they “tranquil” too?

I think a gaff has to be habitable for the second homes levy to apply.

Oh, THank you. I thought it was all second/ empty what ever as soon as they call it a home/ bungalow or a heaven for DIY. Are you certain about this? Then what mean habitable? The card box houses with ocean views are rotten, but people rent them, would that be habitable because one choose to live on it, or because different critters?

Back OT
A search of Roscommon returns 57 below 50K and all Ireland 607, nearly 10% of the total is in one of the least populated counties…

From what I can see, it’s got fine neo-classical features like two roman columns and a dormer window.

Some people just don’t get modern galvanised architecture. :imp:

[Mod Edit , USE SHORTCODE, scroll down the description of the property to find it ]

This one is good value


That link doesn’t work - obviously not able to copy them, address below though

No. 33, The Manor, Clondulane, Fermoy, Co. Cork - Semi-Detached House

this is an actual HOUSE with 4 bedrooms and the €50k price is not a typo because they have listed it 3 times in the ad - sadly it’s in Monaghan.

This looks like an abandoned renovation! the windows appear to be new.