Daft rental inventory

Whats with this prolonged hovering just below the 10,000 rental units level?


In my view that should be ‘hovering just below 11000 rental units’.

The figures were tampered with after the new year, notice the straight down line from 10,450 to 8,800 on about the 6th or 7th of Jan.

To be honest, I don’t think they have anything to gain from the amount of work they would have to put in to massage these figures. I think it is more likely that they are working on removing duplicates or have updated how they count the properties for rent. they have had a lot of inconsistencies on their “Total properties for rent” depending on how you search for them, this could just be a result of new house keeping.

I will point out that the daft list is way out.
For example the following is an advert for a builder who has entered the rental game. There are 520 units in this complex however he only has two adverts.


OK. Well maybe tampered is the wrong word, but either way the chart was changed in a way that reduced it’s representation of the market. If properties have to be deleted it should be done every day and not all at once.

The important point it that to get a proper idea of how the market is one has to ignore the big step down at the start of Jan.

Daft.ie in bed with the ESRI. They’ve entered the dark side.

I used to like daft cos they had humble beginnings from a bunch of guys with a dream – just like google as a company: But now they’re into spying, conforming to communist China’s demands and providing information to the US government… (google, that is!)

I’ve just rented a house, taking three rental ads off Daft.

  1. Automated Estate agent ad.
  2. Manual Estate agent ad.
  3. Owner ad.

Was the house rented at the advertised rate or did you get a reduction?

Again, if ads automatically come down after 90 days, they come down automatically after 90 days. It’s not tampering, it’s the way the system’s set up. If they’ve not been put back up since, you’ll have to judge yourself how many of them have been rented out and how many of them were withdrawn from the market.

All this talk of tampering and conspiracy theories damages the credibility of the argument. Which would presumably be important in a forum which frequently discusses people’s credibility.

Presumably they charged you for 3 ads?

Scorpio, are you connected to the DAFT website in some professional capacity? :question:

We paid a premium rate and didn’t try to get a reduction, the missus was in charge, she was pissed off living in a crap house for the last year so I told her the maximum we could spend on rent, she obviously went with the maximum.

It’s above 10,000 now:
daft.ie/searchrental.daft?s% … &x=14&y=11