Daft Report #8 - 667 Drops (6 days)

irishpropertywatch.wordpress.com … ps-6-days/

€5 reduction - now wait by the phone.

I wish I could say they dont represent how the majority of owners think, but they do :frowning:

The big question is do the buyers fall for this silly business?

Big Thanks for your work Dread. :smiley:

Dread, do you have activity figures on your site? It would be interesting to know how activity has increased. I think a large portion of buyers in Ireland know about the Pin, your site and TreesDon…

Incidentally, it is timing out for me. Seems it is being overloaded at the moment.

Report summarised in property section of Sunday Times.

Do you know if the article is online?

Dread, don’t think so. Perhaps a more technie pinster could attach a copy up?

I think IPW needs to start sending out invoices… :wink:

The size of the drop probably doesn’t make a difference to a buyer, but it did get the house on the price drops list, which effectively means some more internet advertising for just a fiver!

NO !

Thanks God.