Daftwatch--"For Sales" going up again?

Interesting to see how the rapidfire series of interest rate cuts stalled the growth in units for sale, but it looks to me like the inventory is starting to go up again.


As an aside, saw two identical semis for sale today where one was listed at 370,000 and the other at 240,000–guess which one went sale agreed…

That’s an easy one… the one for 370k as it was worth much more than the other one.
There must have been something wrong with the other one why else would the sell it so cheaply :slight_smile:

Maybe buyers refused to deal with the seller with a listed price of 240k on the basis that the won’t deal with anyone who doesn’t realise Ireland is different?? :smiley:

Quick question - can properties be listed with multiple agencies in Ireland?

If so, could adding a second listing be the cause of some of the increase?

Yes, my sil sold a site a while back and had it advertised with two agents. She had to pay a higher fee for the privilage.

Looks to me like we’re heading for 80,000… any predictions? September 1?

Something is not quite right with these figures. The Daftwatch graph is trending up, but Dublin is down and most counties are flat. Since June there has been a massive increase in properties from four Northern counties -Antrim, Armagh, Down and Tyrone. The inventory of properties from these counties has increased massively (approximately 2500 new properties). It could be Southern investors trying to bail out or perhaps Northern agents looking further afield for potential buyers. Either way, it’s skewing the figures. The stand off continues.

I would expect interest rate increases introduced by ptsb and likely to be copied by de udder bwankers will have an effect on the number of properties for sale and the asking prices/AMV etc :laughing: (sorry I have to laugh at AMV as it is an absolute bollox of a term). The reason being higher interest rates will mean reduced lending to those who can actually borrow and eventually lead to lower prices. :open_mouth:

I’d noticed that too over the last week or so.

I’ll try do up some new graphs and split out the ROI and NI counties to give a better idea.

Thanks nemonoid. And howsabout getting rid of ‘Antrim’ as the default in the Interactive Graphs and replacing it with ‘Total RoI’?

No problem, I’ll have a look over the weekend.

Antrim is only the default for the County breakdown graphs, they are just sorted alphabetically. The overall totals have their own page, I’ll add the ROI and NI breakdown there too.

, I’ll add the ROI and NI breakdown there too.
Great stuff! Excellent resource, btw…

Fixed the link in OP (meant to have the new site, not the old one).

As for whether the data seems off, it looks to me like Kilkenny, Cork, Kerry, Galway, Limerick, Sligo, Tipperary, and Waterford (and arguably a few others) are all climbing. :unamused:

For anyone that’s interested, I’ve started a spin-off thread to discuss these stats for Dublin houses for sale.
Let’s talk about Dublin Houses Daftwatch figures

Looks like we could break the 80k mark tomorrow.