Daftwatch Rentals to hit 13000 by Tuesday 3rd June?

Daftwatch Rentals graph is still climbing at breakneck speed. With the students disappearing this month and a glance at the same period last year I think it’ll make 13000 by **the day after ** :wink: the June bank holiday, before tapering off for the summer…

Odds by PaddyProximo:

May 27 - 3/1
June 3 - 1/1
June 10 - 1/5

Only a matter of time before the proverbial arse falls out of the rental market - BTLers will feel this where it really hurts.

I’m still amazed the rental scene isn’t getting any coverage in de meedja :unamused:

Maybe this is what nonbeliever means when he says rents are still rising.
I may have been too harsh on the lad.



What if it’s by may 24th???

At the current pace, it will reach 13k BEFORE the June weekend.

28th May 2008.

About teatime.

May 25th.

And then things will rocket as the students leave…

I don’t get the student angle on this as being a major factor in the increase in the number of units to let. First of all it is way too early for student accommodation to come up at the this time of year for reletting and secondly, most students whom are happy with the accommodation they have will hang onto it over summer for the next academic year by either working in the city themselves for the summer or doing an informal sublet for the duration.

In previous years rental listings tended to peak during Summer and the tail off in Autumn. But you are right, the normal seasonal pattern has been blown out of the water since last year. Students leaving will probably just make the slope slightly more vertical.

Revised Odds [Already] !! :open_mouth:

Odds by PaddyProximo:

May 12 - 5/1
May 19 - 4/1
May 24 - 2/1
May 27 - 1/1
June 03 - 1/2
June 10 - 1/5

2-1 only on the 24th!!!

ye robber…

I’ll have 20 yoyo’s on it

Daily fluctuation of about three hundred

highest so far 12750

increasing by 100 per day…

I’ve seen rental properties in Ashtown climb in the region of 100% compared to 3 months ago.

All the students I know are currently in the exam period or just before it, which means that in under a month they will be out of their houses, ie their notice has been handed in. Students also often give up their houses before exams start and come back only for the day of exams, staying with relatives to keep costs down and comfort levels up.

Students the happiest with their house will usually keep it on over the summer, but that is a tiny proportion of students. Usually what happens is maybe one house in 5 is kept on, anyone around for the summer will move in and the other houses will be let go.

Revised Odds [Again] !! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :exclamation:

Odds by PaddyProximo:

May 19 - 1/100
May 24 - 1/500
May 27 - 1/500000
June 03 - 1/50000000

Not to hit 13000 by June Bank Holiday 100/1 :smiley:

Steep or what ? More so than this baby …

At least we know the height of Everest, and even if we didn’t, the tools are available to us to make an accurate deduction.

In this here property market, we can only make a blind guess.

13000 by Friday night.

Where will the peak be ? :question:

Off to think about that …

Nearly made it today, 12,921 as of right now.

Now at 12,959 and rising.

Could we see 13,000 today?

12,976. So close.

We should see supply jumping by an additional couple of thousand in June once the Trinity exams are over.

12,978 … looks like it’ll be by the weekend at this rate.

Trinity College or trinity semester?