Dail protest this wednesday during IMF vote

I’m not affiliated with the ULA, I’ve little interest in them, but, I am of the opinion that that Irish tax-payer shouldn’t be bailing out european banks. So, I’m going to go. If it’s big enough, perhaps it will encourage FG/Labour to renege on the deal, or at the very least tell them we’ll bail their banks out for them if they give us a 0% loan for it. I have my doubts, but, I’d rather go and try, than be annoyed with myself for not going afterwards.

Maybe others here will also be interested.

unitedleftalliance.org/prote … mber-15th/

perhaps people opposing the bailout of the banks should support those who opposed bailing out the banks

like labour.

Which has little to do with whether or not people should protest outside the Dail during the IMF vote.

Please limit it to the topic please.

i’d agree with ew, if labour or whoever oppose it, side with them, its unlikely any protest will make a difference to something that is already done and dusted

  1. there is no election currently and hence one cannot support labour on this issue on Wednesday. Supporting a protest on Wednesday does not preclude supporting labour in the future. Understand how these are not mutually exclusive events.

  2. it’s not done and dusted. The IMF have even said they will be withholding funding until after the vote. Post vote a new government is not necessarily as without options as many would have you believe. How often have we been told that the option being taken is the only one available over the last few years and yet you still believe it? that is shocking.

Ok, so what happens if the bail out is rejected and the IMF/EU refuse to give us any money?

Hard to say, but I imagine we default and the ECB is left holding the baby. What’s more, when all the old WP politburo get in what’s to say they don’t engage in a little quantitative easing of their own? Print off a few billion euro (X serial numbers of course) to keep things ticking over? It’s not as if they haven’t tried this before.

I don’t know if you realise it but that’s a false dichotomy.

There is no good reason to believe that the IMF would refuse to deal with us if we were to default on Anglo’s senior bond holders. It is the ecb who desperately needs those repaid, not the IMF.

We would need to borrow a much more sustainable amount without having to fund our banking sectors reckless lenders. That should make us a better, not worse, client for the imf. Note how the imf money has to be paid back first. Even they seem very dubious.

We’ll be forced to sort-out our problems NOW!
Voices that have been marginalised, would be heard.
Solutions that have been ignored would be brought to the forefront of the public debate.
But most importantly, you would see the establishment running like chickens without heads.

However, one thing to remember about all of this… These things that are occuring, these changes and transactions and debts and bailouts and payoffs. Its all in the end nothing but an illusion. there is no ship leaving tomorrow filled to the brim with physical gold bullion.
All it will take is the swipe of a pen, the push of a button, from the hand of change, and it all means nothing. This is reality. If somebody turns the light on.
Change is like a high speed train coming down a newly lined and surfaced and re-railed track. its fast and silent and oh so powerful. If the occupants of the car don’t pay attention to the blinking lights, well… they’ll never know what hit them anyways.
The protest is a good thing, it won’t change anything, except, perhaps, add to the indications of discontent that are snowballing silently across the nation.
They can sign papers and push buttons and relax smugly in the hotels and boardrooms, but it doesn’t mean we are truly enslaved… it only means they think we are.
Change is up to the nation, and unity is esential for that change.
These protest might not change anything in themselves but they fuel the unity.
An opportunity for change will present itself. I know this.
Whether the people of Ireland grasp that opportunity is another thing altogether.
As they say… " You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink"
I believe the protest is a good and necessary precursor.