Dail Protest: UN Migration Pact 6.30pm (t'day) 6th Dec POLL.


Should Ireland Sign UN Migration Pact, Dec 10/11?

  • Yes
  • No

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Protest this evening outside Daíl for anyone who is interested. I’m guessing Dress code will be Yellow Vest/Hi-Viz inspired. :nin

Looks to be initially organised by the Iresit people:

Also this appears ot be a new new petition online here - change.org/p/leo-varadker-i … ks%3Aclink

Looks like previous petition was nicked by the platform host for whatever reason.



Will Farage be there?


Good to see the Irexit lads showing their true colours.

Reminds me of this…


Oooh. How cutting. From a self referential uber-ironic Oxbridge comedian who lives in one of the fashionably acceptable (to the chattering classes) early stage gentrification areas of South London. In other words, a smug twat.

He should stick to routines that deconstruct stand up comedy patter. He’s quite good at that. On occasion.


I knew you’d be a fan.


Ironically they’re an immigrant too! :smiley:


I’d probably lose my job if I was seen at that.


Poll 1% shy of 90% for the “Cunts”. :angry:


How about another poll for the number who have actually read the pact.

Had you read it before you created the poll? Why did you not include a link?

Here it is.

refugeesmigrants.un.org/sites/d … ration.pdf


Anybody there?


Probably about a dozen people


That’s a poor showing compared to their Irexit launch, although judging by the accents they probably flew in people for that.


Seems to be much larger counter protest there, fair play to them.


Agit-prop demos are not the sort of thing people with sensible views on migration show up for. If Coveneys migration views stay topical chances are that anyone associated with them will get punished at the ballot box. Silently and resoundingly.

en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twenty- … of_Ireland

We know that in 2004 80% of voters had basically sensible in-group thinking views about migration from the 3rd world. 20% were the Far Left types , dreamer soft in head types, and empathic ‘I feel your pain. I must help’ types.

Now since 2004 a lot of sensible voters have sadly died off. To be replaced by easily manipulated, silly, millennial #savita airheads.


This crowd probably missed a trick tonight by not making a traveller pogrom too, get Peter Casey on board while the ire is up.


No, people with sensible views on the Traveller scam don’t go to demos either. Although you’re correct to imply the cross over of the Traveller and 3rd world migrant causes in the soft in the head and empath types. Blind love is all the one cause. To question blind love requires discernment. That’s what the 80% ensures when the elite don’t get to railroad them that is.


Actually I take it back. Knowing travellers they’d be very much in the anti-abortion crew, you know, people with sensible views.


You are correct in pointing out that Travellers do regularly let their ideological traveller scam supporters down - by doing things like beating up their wives. Beating them to death sometimes. They need some #metoo outreach reeducation summer school.


I didn’t realise Graham Dwyer was a traveller. Learn something new every day off sensible people.


You are correct though in bringing psychopathy into the discussion. Intergenerational abuse and inbreeding must surely be a central cause to increase the mental instability of travellers. Psychopathy being all too regular a feature.