Dail Protest: UN Migration Pact 6.30pm (t'day) 6th Dec POLL.


Reportedly a Lega Nord banner at the protest. Yes, immigrants can be a problem.


Gemma O’Doherty shared the following on Facebook which is a video that some guy did at the demo…

She then interviewed some of the organisers later on here…much of her focus seems to be on Boyd-Barrett who was apparently jumping up and down with a megaphone…

I watched about 5 minutes of the first video and it seems to have been tame enough overall…roughly the same numbers protesting and counter protesting…


Reading through some of it while it clams itself to be ‘non-binding’ its obviously designed to create a framework within which all future migration policy drafted by the signatory countries will be crafted.

In this regard, briefly, some phrases that appear as follows -

These few suggest that some form of (presumably) UN-regulated agency/agencies will basically assume the current role of people traffickers…

Note the follwing one contains reference to formalisation of the right (presumably of all migrants regardlessof status) to family life in their chosen destination ie signatories will work towards cementing the *right * of all ‘migrants’ to bring their children and indeed, extended family members, (in accordance with cultural norms and/or dependency requirements) with them. Think large extended intergenerational families.

The following is a commitment on the part of the signatories to work toward the introduction of legislation designed to regulate their own labour markets in accordance with the details of the subsequent paragraphs …note the fuzzy phraseology ie qute conceivable that ‘discrimination’ aganst anyone based on their legal (or otherwise) status may fall within any of these categories

The following isnt fully clear but would appear to seek broad agreement from the signatories to work toward the extension of social security entitelements to all categories of migrant (again presumably without distinction)

The following would appear to seek agreement from the signatories to work toward some form of wealth redistribution from wealthier signatories to African countries and others to support their stated commitments to send as many of their own citizens as possible to Europe.

Impementation as per follows

Thats only a brief 15 minute speed read. Its appears to be a pretty incredible document and its easy to see why the USA, Australia, Denmark and numerous other European countries are refusing to sign it. Indeed, its hard to believe that Ireland is going to sign up to this without any form of public or parliamentary debate around the matter.


Recently swung through Lega’land. As usual the city is clean, well run and little different from any town across the border in Ticino. The economy has still not recovered to pre 2008 levels. Still pretty dead. Unemployment rates are down on 5 years ago but still nowhere near pre 2008 levels. This is by far the richest region of Italy. And right in the middle of this Rome has plonked a “refugee” center, cleared a whole block of public housing for central African “refuges”, close to the downtown. Almost all young males. Not allowed to work while being “processed”. Not that there is any work for them locally as none of them speak Italian or having any real skills and the local youth unemployment rate is well into the double digits. So outside the public housing you see groups of these young African men hang out all day. You see them around the city trying to kill time. You see a few of them doing “deals” with local kids. The locals treat them with cool indifference but they are not welcome.

Repeat this all over Italy at the moment, with tens/ hundreds of thousands of “refugees” stuck in these “processing” centers and you have a recipe for disaster. Unemployed and unemployable. This will end very very badly. They will be forced to leave one way or another. There is no work for them and the local population most definitely dont want them around.

So its very amusing to be tarred as a “racist” by some posters here who live in some lily white suburb of Dublin. For showing concern about a criminally insane UN plan to flood europe with many millions more of young African/ Middle Eastern men with no skills and no hope of long term assimilation. Posters whose only interaction with immigrants, I would guess, is with the well educated (very white) Eastern Europeans who migrated to Ireland perfectly legally.

Here is a question for all you smug gits who throw around the term “racist” - get to know any of the many magrebs who current live and work in Dublin? Know where they are from? How long they have been in Ireland? Probably not. The Irish are very good at ignoring the non-white immigrants in Ireland. Especially the IT readers who seem the quickest at labeling anyone who disagrees with them as racist. The majority of the magrebs, in my experience, are from Morocco and the francophonie. Which makes sense. With the rest from places like Libya, Syria, Iraq etc. But they are very much in the minority. The central /west Africans tend to moved from other European counties, where they were students. I know this because I talk to them. Which they always react to at first with surprise. As they are so used to the locals acting like they dont exist. Looking straight through them. These people in Dublin are very different from the almost two million, mostly young men, who are currently in these “processing” centers or who have disappeared into the ghettos of cites all over Europe.

And the UN wants to add not just millions but tens of millions more young men to this slow motion disaster. Because thats how many the German authorities estimate over the next decade who would be willing to cross the Mediterranean if they think they can get into Europe.

Yeah, its just racist to not want this human disaster to happen. For all concerned.


One less vote for Boyd-Barrett from me. Just as well People before the prophet only did so much damage already on the council.


Calm down dear. Nobody called you racist.


To the right of the Gardai is the 30 odd PBP. To the left and the below picture is the silent protest ->


Fake news - See images above.


It’s not hard to believe anything about politics and government in Ireland given the more important involvement of the banks in outcomes of votes and decision making that the populace who does elect the members and has them as “controllers” of government.
Irish Government and Politics is overall a DISEASE on the country.

My own view is that immigration can be beneficial, in a controlled situation, with small percentages of approve immigration and properly selected well balanced incomers who are willing to join and interleave with the local environment while adding value to the local society.

This isn’t the view of Government or Politicians. They are doing are they are being told.


Stephen Donnelly and a few more getting it in the ear in County Wicklow.

Note in particular the statement to the effect that Greystones (unlike other less salubrious parts of Wicklow) will no doubt remain untouched by the consequences of current migration policy…to widespread applause…


Meanwhile in Belgium…



Protests in Brussels



Italian can be such a fiery language


Belgian PM resigned tonight in the aftermath of the walk out by Flemish nationalists over the UN migration pact.