Dáil webcast - NAMA Bill 2009

ah grand. I get it now

Thats 46.2 billion of shit loans folks.

Estimated current market value is 47bn!!! hahaha.

15% added for LTEV

He just called the bottom.

estimated market value is 47 billion

for buying 54billion

originally at 77 billion

But the full figure wont be revealed until the legislation passes…

Fall in values of 50%?

Yields at historic lows he claims!!!

yields are above their long term average apparently

we are here to help the economy and people

One for the Glossary “Rational Prices”

Paying too little risks the economy, and “now is not the time for risks”.

he’s referenced benanke

putting out arguments to use LTEV

gonna use risk sharing using sub ordinated bonds

Look at John Moloney trying to look as if he can read :nin

5% at risk


estimated NAMA will only have to achieve 10% uplift in current market values to break even

Ignoring funding costs and other expenses

borrowers personal assets will be taken by NAMA

Oh well, It was a nice little country we had once…

Amateurs all.

Shocking plan. Shocking presentation.