Dáil will vote on IMF/EU funding

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Didn’t see this posted.

I think this is a very clever move by FF - it is really putting the ball firmly in the oppositions court.

The opposition are being asked to vote on a done deal after the fact. FF electioneering. If I was the opposition (and in a way I suppose I am) I would vote against it so that the blame for the debacle can be laid squarely at the feet of the incumbents who brought it about. Hopefully this will backfire on FF despite the intention of wonder-strategists McGrath & Byrne.

I can see an angle here, the opposition votes against it, and over time they arrange a better deal (writedown) when they get into power. FF proven they were not representing us.
Better again they tell the IMF to shove it so we can follow Iceland

No mention of it in the article but is this because Sinn Féin were going to challenge the constitutionality of the deal? I can understand they wouldn’t like to admit it.

But it would have probably been 10 times worse than losing over the South Donegal debacle since this one has more implications internationally.

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FF still just playing politics, as also seems to be the case in the way they’re stringing out the GE till March (for no reason I can discern other than wringing out every drop of power they can). They simply don’t know any other way.

And I really don’t think the dumb fuckers get it yet about how despised they are. They think they are still in the game, fighting, with everything to play for. My God, I hope they get destroyed at the GE.

Which is not to say the opposition has been entirely consistent or coherent about the deal, but that’s a separate matter.

I presume the IMF would have no problem renegotiating a deal with FG/Labour solong as it all added up to the same amount. I imagine the new deal would involve shifting the burden from the primary voters for those parties (farmers and unionised workers)

I just spotted this from WGU over on the AIB thread, I hope it doesn’t answer your question Larry.


I think that the angle is more apparant - FF have identified a huge weakness in a propsed FG/abour govt and are trying to capitilise on that. They want the cards on the table and knowing the FF core group of supporters it will be a case of better the devil we know.

Which is?

World markets and Euro down on the news of Labour’s planned vote
This is gonna get interesting (hopefully)

That do do not agree on key issues, such as…

Income taxes.
Social welfare cuts.
Political reform.
Taxes on property.
Ratio of taxes to spending.

Oh and the small matter of the cut - labour want 4.5 billion FG agreed to 6.

Meh. Not that big a deal really. How compatable were the Greens and FF prior to the last election. Everything is open to negotiation. Get the feckers out and move on from there. There is no possibilty of any alternative government performing worse than the current one.

I agree - but FF are already playing up to this - personally I think it’s better to have such differences - makes for better negotiations for decisions in the future.

Dow Jones :

Sinn Fein forced them, why didnt labour or FG try take them to court. The damned deal is unconstitutional without a vote


IMF Statement

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FG and Labour to renegotiate. Presumably they will be looking for a haircut no?
The markets got a 30 second boner on the news but deflated quickly afterwards

Nic Lenoir sez get your money out of Euros fast
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