Daily ICU Numbers



Perhaps someone might be able to reconcile the admissions and discharges and how the running total is derived exactly for currently in ICU from the freely available datasets online.

Today we see 88 clocked not he dashboard of death.

Direct link to specific UCU & HDU https://data.gov.ie/dataset/icubishistorictimelinepublicview1

Html > Download > Download - should get you a .csv file to play with (or choose of the other formats types).


ICE last 7 days per available official dateset.

Date C19 Conf’d (net change) Discharged Admitted
2021/10/18 73 -1 2 5
2021/10/19 74 1 4 7
2021/10/20 86 12 0 14
2021/10/21 88 2 0 2
2021/10/22 90 2 4 7
2021/10/23 93 3 2 7
2021/10/24 97 4 1 5


Per same dataset, over the last 33 days:

102 have been discharged from ICU
176 have been admitted to ICU

Representing a net change over those 33 days of an additional 74 admitted to ICU.

An average of 5.33 admissions to ICU with C19 per day and an average of 3.09 discharges per day occurred in this period.


INMO calls for healthcare worker booster vaccines with 1,800 currently out of work

…The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) has called on the Government to provide booster vaccines for healthcare workers, with 1,800 currently out of work.

The representative body said over 371 nurses and midwives have contracted Covid-19 in the past month, accounting for over 26.2 per cent of infected healthcare workers in that period.



Do they still only have the 174 or so ICU beds the had in March 2020? Any new capacity added?

I noticed Norway decommissioned the 400 plus “surge” ICU beds at the start of the year. Never used. So back to the usual 350 or so.

Based on that INMO statement I would have to guess that none of them must know how vaccines work. Or much about infectious diseases for that matter. I dont remember any of that shit back before nursing was “professionalized” by requiring a university degree. It seems nurses back then, the ones without degrees, had a better grasp of the medical science involved.


Unexpected increase in pregnant women needing ICU care.

Why is that?
Just COVID, lack of care earlier in the pregnancy or other complications and COVID caught later in the hospital.

But the stock answer is vaccinate all.


Menace Menacing Mothers toward the “DeathShot”

It’s HORROR movie time. Full on scary fest propaganda to the max aimed at the most vulnerable.

Plus, another mention of ECMO, al this time and now it’s ECMO time in the media… gee feckin’ whizz… I wonder were I saw mention of ECMO before this, hmm??? :thinking:

Speaking on RTÉ’s News at One she said this weekend alone had seen three women from maternity hospitals in Dublin city moved to general hospitals for ventilation and ICU care.

"That has given us a bit of shock," she said.

From November 2020 up until June of this year, 22 women who were pregnant or had very recently given birth needed ICU care “so to have 20 in four months is significant”.

Dr Murphy also said obstetrics might see one seriously ill mother a year in need of ECMO - a specialised life support unit which is only available in one hospital here.

"This year there has been quite a handful who needed this kind of treatment which she described as extraordinary.

Mothers who are moved to ICU care for Covid treatment can be there for up to five weeks.

Src: https://archive.md/JPw4J

Protocols designed to kill.

Under testing of the injected.

Over testing of the uninfected.

The MSM still controlled and distributed from a single source.


I would have thought that the problem stemmed from decreased lung capacity due to a baby getting in the way, but then OW’s link mentions “22 women who were pregnant or had very recently given birth”, so now I’m confused.


Might be related to post natal depletion.


According to Dr. Serrallach, mothers are often deficient in or lacking iron, vitamin B12, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, magnesium, and copper.


This is why some women now favour retaining their placenta and consuming it afterwards so as to regain the nutritional loss and help subvert such an outcome, otherwise you could fall prey to the drug pushers.


Anecdotal in the extreme, but someone I know just had a baby. Their wife was asked post partum if she wanted the vax. Also my friend said that they seemed to be going to substantial lengths to find positive patients and putting them in ICU “as a precaution”.