Daily Mail: Finance Department mandarin warned of crash



The life of Pye…

So, can we sack the current lot of want-to-know-nothings and get some of the retirees back?

edit: Who can do some FoI’s on these reports?


Heard this being referred to yesterday on one of the radio shows. Seems if you go against the consensus you are shunned.


That’s certainly my experience of the civil service, rock the boat or go against the “way things are” and you are destined for some meaningless job, then you have clowns saying sack the wasters doing nothing, when the problem in the civil service is and always will be senior management and the protection of the status quo.


Groupthink, one of the dangers of island living: “…a lack of diversity in worldview as a “monoculture of the mind””. “The closer group members are in outlook, the less likely they are to raise questions that might break their cohesion.”





It’s not unique to the civil service in this country. It pervades a lot of private industry too. Why do you think Anglo Irish happened? Or any of the other banks? Our management staff - across the most of the working world here - have egos that exceed their ability. And there is a culture of networking that is massively detrimental to how best to do things.

There is a song in this country and if you are not singing in tune, you’re not singing at all.


I think we have a massive bullying culture when it’s all boiled down.


Through the magic that is Google, I found these:

scribd.com/doc/50015511/The- … remy-James

Let me stress, I’ve no idea who posted them up or if they are authentic. I just found them while Googling “Robert Pye” to see if there was any other coverage.




Seems legit reading it (1/2 way through) (can’t imagine anyone writing it up that fast).
Not too sure I’d have taken it seriously if someone had handed it to me and I hadn’t already been a Pin inclined person - talks of the “ruling elite” “new world order” “US preparing for invading Saudi Arabia” so far…

Also he is (so far) predicating everything on a full collapse of the US economy/power based on a debt crisis. While this is something I can’t see being avoided in the future, putting the blame for Ireland’s problems on this was incorrect and “dismissable” at the time.

and I can see why his letter to the Irish Times was blocked - over concentration on nuclear strikes, war between Sunni and Shia powers etc. etc… it’s more “we’re all doomed” than Morgan Kelly…


Interesting the document mirrors discussions and subjects that have all come up on the 'pin.


Great find schuhart.


This stuff is dynamite.


I was only talking about this setup last night. Ireland has never really been a free country in any sense of the word. We have been kept in a constant state of shock through constant abuse. Think Monarch program but for countries.


Can someone get that PDF over to an online repository that is easier to download and read from!


Uh oh… Spaghettio!!!

Found another of his PDFs on Scribd:

**The Planned Destruction of Christianity in Ireland
– The Use of Black Magic by Ireland’s Ruling Elite – **

scribd.com/doc/8968017/The-P … in-Ireland


scribd.com/document_download … ension=pdf


Who’s Jeremy James? I don’t think his theories take from Robert Pye’s internal Dept letters.


Mmmmmm, is it just me or does this have a Jim Corr type tinge to it?