Daily Mail: Finance Department mandarin warned of crash


I’ll have a read of that too but before i do might I say that I wouldn’t get too caught up in terms one way or the other as they are not meant to be sensationalist. Once you know the forms and signs its nothing crazy… sure BOWIE wrote albums in the early day invoking the power of this stuff and Century of Self is just another expose of what same craft.

Its about controlling or enslaving others imagination. Once you have that you have a person soul their true free spirit.

The whole killing of Osama real or not is just another ritualistic global stunt most likely designed to feed off all the venal joy of hundreds of millions carefully focused energies on this constructed hate figure over the last 11 years. This makes them even more powerful than before.

The reason Christians and other religious groups get so up in arms is they use the same language and terms we mostly have dispensed with in common everyday language and do not give much credence to or hear the subtlety contained.

It is too ironic as the document highlights that “Lucifer is the Light Bearer”, if you can get past the anthropomorphising terms then the greater forces at play will reveal themselves and you’ll get to the truth.

So much reading material tonight!


For those of us not bat shit insane; once again.


Awwww shite! That was my initial thought too. He does seem to start off in the DOF and end up somewhere between the Grassy Knoll and Roswell. A pity cos the main body of his work (DOF based) is no doubt spot on.


Pye sounds like a bright and honorably man who slowly realized just how politically debauched the upper civil service is. The problem is that what he wrote could have been written any time in the last 80 years. Pretty much since they drove out the Castle Catholics in the 20’s and 30’s.

His macro analysis falls down because he was too dependent on left wing loony armageddonists sources. If he had read more of the right wings loonies , and those who actually know how market worked, his analysis would have been more balanced. But his basic premise is correct. That it was due to a criminally irresponsible attitude by the government and the supine connivance of the upper grades that Ireland was utterly unprepared for the next serious (and completely inevitable) financial crisis. Its not like they dont happen every ten years or so. Pretty much like clockwork.

But ultimately he was shouting at the wrong people. Because Irish governments dont do responsibility. Because those that do are always punished at the polls. Because STV guarantees a parliament of county councilors.


Nah, that’s multi-seat constituencies that does that…


There’s some great stuff in that document:


If you so wish enjoy your trance.


Also makes cutting points about some of the pay determination systems.


It’s all a trance, a subjective one at that too… BD


For some more of the wisdom of Jeremy James, see scribd.com/Jeremy%20James

He appears to be the sort of person who stands in College Green directing traffic.

Regarding Pye’s analysis, it is big on the Middle East, terrorism, oil prices and the US trade deficit and short of actuals.

It is a Millenarian rant of someone who is wishing for global destruction rather than a rational analysis of what will happen.

No mention of US sub-prime house loans that was a major trigger for the whole event.

Pye is not a mandarin, just a wizened satsuma.


That is exactly what it is…assuming that Jeremy James is Robert Pye of course.


I think where his letter is interesting is in the lack of response (at least overt response) to his (economic) analyses. I suspect (although I have no idea) that if confronted with some additional insights into macro-economics, he might have been happy to modify some of these analyses. No such responses came. His analysis of why no such response came (i.e. his insights into departmental culture etc. rather than world economics) seems plausible to me.


The whole idea of denominating our national debt in USD and investing the NPR fund in precious metals and commodities was a good shout in hindsight! Probably would have kept the IMF at bay. I’m no conspiracy theorist but when it’s all spelt out like that, you have to wonder about the motivations of government during this period…I can’t believe they could be so stupid. Anybody could see the construction and retail cartels were riding the taxpayer sideways! The political class were NOT stupid. They were treasonous and selfish…almost to a man.


It is the analysis through the prism of his belief system which you do not have to share to overlap in areas of interest. If you belief system and text instruct you that the world will end then it is not wishful thinking but genuine honest deduction from within that prism.

The great thing is there is no limit to the amount of prisms of belief that the universe can sustain and if there was that might only be another prism of belief in truth.

People seem to forget what goes on in the background as if things just happen and no one saw it coming. Here we have a brilliant example of an insider who was always an outsider within the castle ground as the game was to sordid to countenance. Perhaps their prism of belief shielded them from entertaining bogus notions and remained clarified throughout the ordeal. In it they at least had a robust enough sense of identity not to be mesmerized into a trance causing all critical thought to be suspended as seems to be the case of the majority.

I see not point in shooting the message in this instance as in most.


He was not entitled to a written position in return, he submitted a personal viewpoint to avoid the documents ever being FoI’d …which is rather conniving in itself.


Sorry expand on “written position” I’ve lost the context of you statement.


Robert Pye and Jeremy James are the same person, the latter being some sort cybernym for the former.

If you had an employee who wrote material like the following, what would you do?

The PDFs all have the Author property of Robert, even those authored by Jeremy James.

The name of the Finance analysis:

“10.10.10” - more numerology nonsense.

Focussing on a fruitcake like this deflects attention from real issues. Imagine what working with him must have been like.


Go to this nutter’s website zephaniah.eu/.

Name Robert Pye
Organisation None
Language English

To verify the ownership, go to eurid.eu/en/content/whois-result. I have omitted his contact details here.

Mad mad mad mad.

Nuttier than squirrel’s scrotum.

Out of his tree.

I worked in the Department of Finance some time ago. He is typical of the sort of mad loser that the Civil Service attracts and then retains because they cannot find a home anywhere else. Unsackable crazies.


please rename this thread to “department of finance manadarin warns of occult conspiracy to create power grids involving pentagrams and eternal flames and the met tower in glasnevin to harness power from the above to destroy christianity”

nearly finished his e book - a lot more interesting than his finance papers

  • edit, i take it back

update 2


His other works may be the ravings of a complete loony but the original doc about the inner workings of the Dept written from personal experience still hold.

I’m not surprised he was ignored but it begs the bigger question not so much what type of organization employs people like this, (we’ve all worked with complete nutters after all), but what type of organization keeps and fails to fire obvious crazies. All organizations operate on the Peter Principle but any organization that does not chuck overboard the obvious discontents soon operates on the personnel equivalent of Greshams Law. The terrible employees will drive out the good ones. These are the people who are supposed to be responsible for managing a 60B budget. So maybe its not too surprising that the country is bankrupt.