Daily Mail: Finance Department mandarin warned of crash


I followed your links and Zephaniah.eu is Robert Pyes website.

This Jeremy James on ScribD only republishes stuff on zephaniah.eu or analagous material so that is Robert Pye as well. Beyond all ‘reasonable’ doubt.

The domain zephaniah.eu was originally registered while Robert Pye was working in the department of Finance in January 2009. I suspect that the illness ground on which he retired was entirely physical :smiley: Maybe reading those memos about Anglo pushed him into it !

I suppose the DoF has a policy on mentioning Illuminati and New World Order ‘issues’ in the office :nin

If Robert Pye was a DoF employee in June 2009 Michael Noonan should be asked about his departmental activities on the 18th of June 2009


Funniest thread I’ve read on the internet in a long time :smiley:


This is how Robert Pye, quite possibly still an [*Assistant Principal in the Department of Finance at the time, started off his website on the 18th of June 2009 * (https://replay.web.archive.org/20090618010140/https://www.zephaniah.eu/). With people like him and John Hurley and Patrick Neary in charge… :frowning:

Further down there were live audio links To… :open_mouth: Jim Corr :open_mouth:

replay.web.archive.org/200906180 … haniah.eu/

I cannot find these items on his website today! The website was a work in Progress in may/June 2009 …Jim Corr was not there on the 17th of May 2009 when this snapshot below was taken of the site.

replay.web.archive.org/200905170 … haniah.eu/


Not quite true. Some of the ScribD material has Jeremy James listed as the author and others list Robert Pye. However, all the PDFs have Robert in the Author property. There is no Jeremy Jones. It is just some spurious alter ego he created to attempt to give this nutter some apparent semblance of veracity and independence.

is a lie.

The guy is insane.

Can you not imagine the rant from him about the Illuminati, Dublin Occult Grid, the Ruling Elite in Ireland and high-level Masons. Those 3 well-placed Assistant Secretaries must have had the tolerance of saints. The longest 40 minutes of their lives.

I would love to hear from people who had the misfortune to work with him.


Without knowing anything about the structure of the Department,reading this only begs one question in my mind.
How the fuck did a loon like this get to what sounds like a fairly responsible level in the first place?

Secondly (and more worryingly),what do these people do from one hour to the next that their minds can actually come up with this stuff?

I don’t blame him for being crazy,i blame the system that kept him in his undoubtedly well paid job even after he produced these ravings AND shared them around the office and the web.

This country is fucking insane to a man i tell you.
Every last one of us.
Even my monkey.


OK maybe the dept. had reason not to engage with the memos. Haven’t time to follow through on everything here - have mainly read the letter to the enquiry and skimmed over the memos. I still would have thought it might have prompted a bit of thinking even if they were discounted e.g. get a subordinate to extract the 5 highest risks and rate them - if only for cover if anyone external got hold of the memos. I suppose we may not hear too much more of this however.


Equally, you could say that the paranoid, Masonic/Satanic-fearing Jesus-freak could see the writing on the wall but the “normals” couldn’t?


Not beyond the bounds of possibility, in my early days i worked directly under a man who had been completely warped by 35 years in the same job, he did exactly the same thing everyday for 5 years and i mean everything. He absolutely despised one of the senior managers (they started their careers together) who he felt had did everything to hamper him in all aspects of the job for 30 years. Lets just say if firearms were freely available in this country like the states, i would have been out of that dept like a shot.


Not sure why everybody’s gone wildly off topic with stuff about freemasons and all this bollocks. Why can’t we keep the discussion to the seven documents he wrote instead of slinging shite at his character? As far as I can read, the documents outlined a lot of the risks Ireland faced and continues to face. If we agree that the State needs a grand strategy (but maybe most are of the opinion that we don’t and should rely on Brussels), those documents were not a bad place to start. Or am I reading this wrong? :neutral_face:


The documents collated every known systemic global risk. They contain nothing apropos the purely Irish systemic risk conditions in 2004 when he started sending these “personal” papers around the office.

Inter Alia!

We had built 200000 empty properties by then.
Interest Only loans were being offered.
100% Loans were being offered.
Bulgaria, for fucks sake!!!
The banks had gone crazy on all forms of property lending
All sectors of society had gone insane on all kinds of property Borrowing
Derek Quinlan had just bought the Savoy on borrowed money
The Governor of the Central Bank ( former head of Department of Finance) was evidently a complete gobshite.
The Financial Regulator was even worse.


There indeed has been a lot of hysteria on this thread of the worst kind. I woudl ask users to contain their comments to dealing with the subject matter in a responsible way rather than foaming at the mouth and jumping up and down.


The inner workings of the DOF are a revelation. If the same person wrote both articles then the born again Christian stuff seems to detract from his credibility in the DOF. It veers wildly into the domain of the paranoid linking together the Masons, Illuminati, the Death of Princess Diana and Michael Collins. These sort of things did not do much for the repuation of people like Charlie Sheen or Jim Corr. Either way I am glad to have seem both articles.

(edit to add the word ‘articles’ at the end)


irishtimes.com/newspaper/opi … 65727.html


Exactly, he took a scatter-shot approach to warning about impending doom. Some portion of his predictions were bound to be accurate, but his papers provide little defensible foresight on the risks faced by Ireland. Now the Irish Times is giving him a platform for his “Told you so”, but his papers say relatively little about the Irish situation.


Yeah, but then that argument is given to discredit most people who wrote about the crash before it happened - either we were told that they didn’t understand what they were talking about (Morgan Kelly being accused of simply being a middle ages econo-historian) or that they were a stopped clock (David McWilliams) or that they were academic or a perma bear. The children shouted ‘no clothes’, but they were given a slap and told to shut up.


Well, I’m not sure it is another thread. I remember a couple of ‘ding’ moments with the bubble and the banks. Once someone said “the banks are surely bust if x happens”, it was as clear as day that they were. Despite the source, if the papers had been read, they should have set alarm bells ringing everywhere. I suspect, however, that the papers were just not read…


Bet he got that from “The Omen”.


I remember noticing but being unsurprised at the length the ra-ra people during the bubble went to professionally assassinate those who not only said it was all going to end in tears but gave well argued reasons. After Q2 2007 there was absolutely no excuses for those in the business to continue the charade but the vitriol only got worse. I remember how Steven Roach was treated at Morgan Stanly when his warnings got more pointed. In the end he removed himself to Asia and left his internal critics to deal with, and be mostly wiped out, by the debacle in NYC.

As for Pye. He is obviously a conspiracy theory loon. The usual retreat of bright people trying to make sense of events but without the intellectual heft to make the leap to accept the real, mundane, and very banal reasons for disasters like these. But this should not detract for what he wrote about the workings and internal attitude of the DoF. Sounds very plausible and far too believable from what we have heard from other sources.


Reviving. Gemma O’Doherty has recently published the interview with Robert Pye together with John Waters.