Daily Mail on the Property tax

On page 13 of Today’s Daily Mail it states that 400,000 households have not paid the property tax for 2014, equaling 20% of households based upon a figure of 1.95 million households eligible for the levy,
Somebody from somewhere has been telling fibs either that or in the last 13 months Bob the Builder has built around another 300,000 units that nobody copped not even the Central Statics Office which stated that on the 4/4/2013 that 1.658243 that houses existed in the State. Lies dammed lies and Statics?

It’s the 2014 tax only.

The info comes from a question raised in the Dáil by Joe Higgins
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Granted as I read the article but have the media in conjunction with the government conspired to tell lies or has somebody made a typo of huge proportions?

do you enjoy beating a dead horse?


The dead horse is all ready in the burger and has been consumed and your right I am beating something and It is called a drum in order to try to wake people like you up to the reality.
Imaginary money from local authority co council and Dublin corporation used to manipulate the figures and remember remember the first of November last when a media frenzy was put in place stating that compliance was running at a rate of excess 90%.
Regards Eric

[*Homeowners given final deadline to pay property tax * (Homeowners given final deadline to pay property tax – The Irish Times)

But the deadline is over a month away, if I owned property I’dprobably wait til the last week

are any of them so called Left TDs? i’m guessing the transfer of powers to revenue softened their cough