Dalkey price per sq. foot?

What is the **real price **per square foot in Dalkey especially in the mid market range. Seems to be high based on asking prices and yet these properties all need major work. Any ideas?

Barnhill ave. Dalkey €474 per sq ft :question:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … th/1439519

Dalkey Park €428 per sq ft
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/391542

Hillside, Dalkey €507 per sq ft
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ey/1358236

All these prices seem high considering they need to be gutted. Also the asking prices seem to be much the same as a year or two ago and yet prices have fallen since then!

I keep an eye on Dalkey prices. Next to nothing has moved in the last two years. Clearly nobody is too pushed about selling. The market is effectively non-existent.

I watch the area and would also think the mid-market is very pricey.
See this thread from last year about Dalkey Grove viewtopic.php?f=10&t=31137. Was asking 570 and sold “well in excess” after a bit of a bidding war. I saw that place and didn’t personally think it was worth it… but there seems to be a shortage of family homes in the area around that price-range. Much better value per square foot to be had if you had a million to spend (I don’t :slight_smile:)
For what it’s worth I also have a little personal theory that May/June is the “bidding war” time of year - people feel spring in the air and are impatient to make that move before the next winter/ school year. If it’s a bargain you’re after, I’d wait until around November - at that stage sellers know they have to accept to have any hope of completing a sale before the middle of the following year - the market completely dies in Dec, Jan and Feb. So avoid the spring fever and wait a while!

I agree. And why? Because Dalkey holds itself in great self-regard on account of certain famous arty residents (and former residents) - none of whom live anywhere close to these run-of-the-mill semi-ds. That self-regard will take a long time to wear off: expect Dalkey to be one of the last bastions in the EA/vendor fight against market reality.

Yes agree they all very ordinary looking houses. Remember that house in Dalkey Grove, couldn’t believe it went for close to 600k, house was very small and needed major work, don’t think that will happen again, also the estate agent has based further houses in the estate on the sale of Dalkey Grove and that is why they are all overpriced and remaining for sale. Vendors also need to face up to reality also, their houses are in need of major work along with extensions to make them a decent family home. much better value in the €800k + market, more sq. ft for less money and more open to negotiation.

A bit more reality starting to dawn in Killiney… currently 2 houses in Ballinclea Heights asking 395K
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ey/1247199
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ney/363847
And this one in good nick in Rock Lodge for 495 myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ey/1252032
It just takes a few “motivated sellers” to give an estate a reality-check - Mapas/Hillside clearly lacks this at the moment.

But still much more house for your money if you have a few quid more - this one being my personal favourite (will bid if I win the lotto!)- 3K square feet of period house & a beautiful garden down by the beach for €1.295m (€416 per sq ft) myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1376107.

Went to view this a few weeks back. Really nice gaff actually in a nice estate. Suffered from one of my fatal flaws in that the back “garden” is completely paved. Not a blade of grass. This isn’t helped by the fact that the neighbour at the back has a field that it only separated by a fence and they keep their compost box down near said fence.

Beautiful house but I think if I was paying that much for a gaff it wouldn’t be in Ballybrack. :open_mouth:

Killiney has become a lot more reasonable in recent months. €300/sq.ft. is starting to look like the new normal (elthough obviously not universal, e.g. €400+/sq.ft. myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1442784 ).

Btw, I know the definition of “Killiney” is pretty flexible, but I would have put that Marino Lodge place in the heart of it. Check it out on Bing Maps and look at the neighbours’ gaffs. Ballybrack it ain’t.

I’m probably being too harsh here, but I always tend to ask myself where the nearest shops are for a litre of milk and a packet of digestives.

Well Bono seems not to mind that Ballybrack is his nearest shops for a pint of milk? I think Marino Ave is pretty swanky and definitely “real” Killiney, whereas Bayview estate is definitely near to the not-so-nice side of Shankill… and I wouldn’t be mad about Watsons area as it is very near Tesco Ballybrack and the adjoining council estates (and too far from decent public transport). But each to their own as they say…

Ahh, ya see, there’s yer problem. Aspiring “Killoiney-ites” will be wondering where the nearest foie gras and bottle of Château Mouton Rothschild is. Hint: not in the Applegreen garage beside the Igo Inn. 8DD

Wouldn’t be mad about any of those for the same reason… Bono isn’t as likely as my missis and me to be out pushing a couple of kids about on a Saturday to get lunch.

And of course everyone knows Bono veers toward Dalkey Village for his digestives and Finnigan’s for his pints. :wink:

What about Bray? Dalkey Sugarloaf views at better prices! Bono also lived on Bray seafront afterall. Lots about Bray on this link diamondvalley.ie

You’re touting Bray at every opportunity bud and fair play to you.

Bit tenuous in this thread though.