Dan Boyle - Banking System has failed...NAMA has failed

Ok, so Dan the Man says twitter.com/sendboyle/status/21592347413

Now, correct me (and many others) if we are wrong, but wasnt NAMA supposed to usher in a new era of clean and efficient banking? So, he is saying in effect that it has failed. Ooops…

To be fair - it’s comparing (rotten) apples and (white) elephants.

The banking system being non-existent is because of past mistakes.

NAMA is a whole new set of mistakes.

NAMA is of the zombie, by the zombie, for the zombie.

Danny Boy is simply talking about rotten apples - and how lucky we are to have a barrel full of them!

OK, I’ll try to correct you here.
What you’ve got to understand is this: traditionally ‘top’ bankers have always been ‘my shit doesn’t stink’ merchants - their way of working was to do the deal then move on, leaving someone else to sort out the detail, to do the paperwork if you like.
Leaving someone else to deal with the brown stuff.
This in the end is what NAMA is all about - the dealmakers simply don’t want to have to hold hands with their clients for twenty or thirty years, they just want to get the hell outta there, be the smiley golden ones, do more new deals, get the bonus and then get the hell out of there to find some other ripe plum to suck on.
Dealmakers just want to do deals, just want to be star pupils!
Dealmakers are always sucking up BIG TIME to TEACHER!
Deal with the fallout?? Fuhgeddabouttit!!!
Never mind that their deals go on and on for thirty years!
That’s someone else’s problem! (or so they hope!)
Of course all the rest of us do jobs where what we do isn’t just for today, it’s for tomorrow too, and the day after that, and next year, and for ten years’ time, and for fifty years’ time: we nail our colours to the mast because this is what we DO!
In the end, here’s how it is with top bankers, and how they operate differently to you and me: top bankers are the guys who fart loudly and poison the air with their smell, but still manage to convince people in the room it wasn’t them who did it - IT WAS YOU!
Fuck em! If you know a dealmaker, tell em to their face: dude, your day is done, it’s time to leg it.