Dan Boyle's resignation threat over Bank Inquiry

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wow, that’s kinda shocking… do the green party really still have any members left? :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

If he was any way serious about the threat he would have resigned.This “hold me back lads hold me back” type of threat is as empty as the Greens credibility level.

why are we even bothering to have a banking enquiry anyway, it’s all a load of shite.

I used to stick up for the Green around these parts. Over it now. Yellow bellied frauds.

Dan Boyle’s voluble wordiness in every interview where he relishes the sound of his own pompous voice reminds me of the passage in Ulysses where Bloom is taking a crap

Boyle the puffed-up pixie luxuriates in the sound of his own too perfect, too precise voice like Bloom sits calmly savouring the smell of his own shite.

</End utterly pretentious literary reference>

He is a pointless windbag.

There is no humiliation so egregious that the greens wont swallow it, lick their lips and say “more please”. Alas

This is just window dressing. They are political shisters like the FF crowd that they have hooked up with.

I haven’t cared much for Dan since he defended the Home Choice Loan scam to me via email. He’s only in the Seanad by virtue of the patronage of Fianna Faíl, he’ll remain a docile lapdog for the duration.

I’ll pack his bag and help him out the door.

Go on Dan, what you waiting for

It reminds me a bit of Michael McDowell’s threat to resign from government in about April 2007, after the one and only Bartholomew Ahern had spun him a yarn too many. He then backed down and the public punished him accordingly.

Yep - Dublin South East has a history of electing hypocritical gobshites - but fortunately gets rid of them pretty quickly too - so bye,bye John.

I liked Dan Boyle but I’m afraid he’s proved himself to be as hopeless as the rest of his party. They have no reason to bring down this government so hopefully they will keep them in power long enough to prove them absolutely hopeless and make all three parties (remember the PD rump is in there as well) unelectable for the foreseeable future allowing us to be governed by another set of hopeless buffoons at which point the Irish electorate might wake up and realise that they should actually think more carefully about the kind of people they put in the dail.