Dan McLaughlin - dying of shame? No fear...



irisheconomy.ie/index.php/20 … ent-454058

As mentioned above, his twitter profile reads :

Was there no official announcement of this distinguished and award winning sage’s departure from our most august of banking institutions ?

Have to laugh when I read about some of the analysts from the banks, estate agents etc during the boom who are now providing independent comment and research on current economic issues.
As Gerorge Bush once said " Fool me once, more fool you. Fool me twice , more fool me "

He actually said “There’s an old saying in Tennessee - I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee - that says, fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me - you can’t get fooled again”.

Don’t think about it too hard or your brain will melt.

In fairness JBJnr was leader of the free world… considering that Dan might have been a bit too smart to progress in BOI :slight_smile:

So Deparate Dan has popped up. Whatever happened to comical austin and I can’t recall the other one.

I imagine Dan walked out of BOI with some golden handshake but i’d guess his latest endevour won’t be anywhere near as lucrative as being chief economist in BOI.

Anyone know whether BOI even have a chief economist anymore?

Comical Austin is still at his bank, issuing regular consumer sentiment survey results and getting a fair bit of media coverage each time. Play on :angry:

I am sure the yanks have a few quants.

No ‘Chief’, just presumably two indians …


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my favourite alltime post (just had a quick look and can’t find) from the pin was about desperate Dan, comical austin and others getting in a minibus and doing a tour of ghost estates to get a sense of the real fundamentals of the irish economy

I also remember some madcap article in the Irish Times where Dan was harping on about the numbers still adding up for a buy to let investment (very late in the day) looking at the return based on capital down - really seemed to be flogging a dead horse at that stage

Jan 2007.

davidmcwilliams.ie/2007/01/1 … r-mouth-is

Another tosser.

:laughing: :unamused: XX

I love the way you’ve credited grumpy with that quote. :smiley:

Thanks for the heads up WGU and nice find Grumpy.

I actually thought of trawling through the pin and various other websites and online documents to post some of the esteemed doctor’s most learned analysis and prophecies, but I gave up due to choice-overload.

The way the muppets in US government are behaving at the moment I wouldn’t rule that out.

disco dan ?

This is a bit ad hominem and mean, but fuck it. I hadn’t seen his face in about two years.

If they are ever remaking Deliverance, Dan could do the banjo scene.

Somebody had made that comparison on here years ago, nice pics 'an all…