Dan the Man

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But further down the article in a comment by the finfacts staff:

Matt Cooper had him on just after 6

Matt put 2packs specific building forecast of 40k-45k units in 2008 to dan …Matt said he got it from a consensus of big builders and constructio industry types who themselves got it long ago from 2pack of course 8) to dan who himself predicts a whopping 58k next year.

If you must quote 2packs forecasts to dan or austin then attribute the pin please Matt willya .

dan then said that the construction industry is crap at forecasting. I think 58k is insanity !

dan then referred to the gloomier prognoses for next year as coming from “outliers” in the economista industry and sniffily pointed out they do not make regular forecasts …like him.

Matt pulled him up on the word “outliers” but he did not withdraw it. I should think his many fans here are “outliers” too :slight_smile:

dan then said 2009 would be better than 2008, eg over 58k units. At that stage I switched to the farming on RTE1 just in case they were on about :open_mouth: mange mite cures :open_mouth:

He’s a chancer, he’s always been a chancer, I remember him being on Questions and Answers, must have been at least 6 or 7 years ago now, and thinking “Who is this clown and how the hell did he get a job as an economist?!”

He doesn’t have a clue and talks pure gibberish, and he’s been doing it for the last decade and trousering a packet from it. For me, he is the personification of everything that is wrong with Irish society and the Irish economy - loudmouthed ignorant chancers always get the cream.

BoI obviously don’t have random drugs tests, cause that guy is smoking some seriously mind-bending s**t :open_mouth:

He’s not the only one at it. Looking at Davy’s “morning brief” lately makes one want to puke.

The banks are all about managing their image through the oncoming storm – they are doing a PR job so as not to get the blame. Imagine if a bank got ‘blamed’ for taking on too many loans or for being ‘overexposed to the dollar’, and depositors started queuing up outside to get their cash? All the PR in the world would be no use at that stage. The banks are lining up to offload ‘blame’ well in advance to whoever will take it: the solicitors, the law society, land hoarders, developers, the loanees who lied about their income, the tax regime, the government, the ECB, WHOEVER!

It’s damage limitation at this stage. The banks are coming on the airwaves with pre-emptive PR: calling for restraint and calm means they can turn around and blame the irrational reaction of another party (i.e. ‘the blamee’) in the midst of the inevitable panic – they’ll be seen as the responsible ones and their share price won’t be as badly damaged. Clever strategy if you ask me. And I’d say Dan himself is wondering when all these taxi journeys to the RTE studios are going to end: not until the dark clouds start pouring Dan! – only then can you climb into your little water-proof tent that you’ve been creating these last couple of months…

Ireland has an External Debt rapidly approaching $2Trillion (if a straight Euro/dollar rate of exchange is applied to the CB official figure of €1.36 Trillion). I am sure that the ECB would be more than slightly worried about this, even though no one in Ireland seems bothered about it.

Our Taoiseacht Bertie Ahern could arrange with his friend Premier of the State Council of the Peoples Republic of China H.E. Mr. Wen Jiabao to alleviate some of the ECB worries by knocking a few chips of our Debt with their measly $1.43 trillion in reserves, using the same nonchalance in which it was allowed mount up. Nothing is a problem to our boys on top; having developed a great repartee with all world leaders on St Patrick’s Day trips. It is getting wobbly here in Celtictigerland and very near time to call in the ten years of Credits. You got us the Debts and no doubt the Credits will not be far behind.

The Chinese would win from this situation too: they would not need to worry about hurting President Bush, he of the soon ten bowls of shamrock, in divesting themselves from dollar reserves. Good on ye! Taoiseacht and your team, we all thought that you were wasting your time in Washington and Peking. You will keep the leaders of the Capitalist World happy as well as the Irish Electorate. Bravo!

The Irish Electorate have full faith in you. We do not heed these rumours that you will be leaving us to take up some menial job in Europe. We want you to stay and guide us through the rough seas cause by Dan the Man Bankers, Property Developers etc. those guys with the fat wallets. We have full confidence that you are on top of things. Don’t Go!

There’s white bailiffs and they’re coming at me at a pace now
There’s a blue summons man waving paper into my face
The children are crying on the underside of the bridges
And there’s vans going by with bars in the windows

Don’t go
Don’t leave me now, now, now
While the sun smiles
Stick around and laugh a while, stick around and laugh a while

Dan is pushing back his predictions of a rate drop. We’rent we supposed to be back at 2% by now?

50% is generous. I’d happily take even money that his predicted 2 cuts don’t happen.


So how deep are the PINs pockets to fight of libel cases? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you wish to donate.

Seriously :blush:

I only have a B.Comm from 1994, been working in IT for 11 years, only keep up with developments in economics and finance as a hobby, and I’m quite confident that I could utterly demolish Desperate Dan in a one-on-one economic face-off. I can think of 7 or 8 Pinsters off the top of me head could easily do the same. Even over the last 12 months, I’ve a far better prediction record than that eejit. Which wouldn’t be hard, seeing as none of his predictions in the last year have been remotely accurate.

Libel? Bring it on. He’s a chancer and he knows it. If he wants to sue over this, I’ll happily take full personal responsibility and give the Pin admins my contact details if his solicitors get in touch (which I seriously doubt).

in the interest of fairness - dan if you are reading please check out sidewinders prediction of paddys day 07 - makes interesting reading :blush:

anyway SW dont think i am picking on you , i am just pointing out that predictions are very difficult - even geniuses like yourself can get it wrong. so lets not be too hard on Dan the Man

actually dan was right on the 0.5% drop in the states in september…even though I called him wrong on it when he made the prediction in august .

then again I have no bloomberg screen :slight_smile:

What happened to the fundamentals though, eh?

Not we are dependent on a rate drop… What happens if the ECB decide the only way is up for the next six months? :open_mouth:

Jim Power was *mr fundamentals * . He has shut up recently after he bleated *fundamentals * at Morgan Kelly to no avail one night on RTE ( he never said what they were , only that *fundamentals * were good , nay GREAT!

Yes indeed… Has anyone seen Jim recently??? :smiling_imp:

One of the very few times you’ve been wrong, but you must have known most of us expected Helicopter Ben to inflate the US out of this problem…I confess I excepted a .25 cut and was a bit surprised it was 0.5, but I wasn’t at all surprised at the Fed cutting…

Sidewinder wrote:

Well I was thinking more of fishfoodie’s comments!

99.9% of the comments on here that draw reference to libel are nowhere near that. Like in this case. Has the MCD / Boards.ie fiasco etc made web forums afraid of their own shadow? It’s a terrible thing to see.

If the pin ever needs legal representation let me know. I didn’t exactly go down the route myself but plenty of my college mates did, and I might be able to cut us a deal :slight_smile: