Danes quit UK for home after land prices tumble

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So Denmark is a small agri based economy of 4-5 million people outside the eurozone. Land values have halved since 2008, and their currency has devalued.

Does the Irish establishment have some point when they say Ireland is not unique in all this.

While it remains to be seen if they are better off outside the eurozone or in it, I’d say the likes of Denmark look on at Ireland over the last month with some level of concern to say the least.

They then sit down the back of the class and keep their head down, nose in the book, hoping they don’t get picked by the master next. There for the grace of God go I…and all that there.

Did the Danish government let a bank go recently

No, it means that, like Iceland, an independent currency is no guarantor of avoiding bubbles. Furthermore, once you have foreign debts in one currency, you cannot easily devalue. The Danish Krona is essentially unchanged over the course of the past five years: uk.finance.yahoo.com/q/bc?s=EURD … z=l&q=l&c=

Stupid is as stupid does. We’re not the only ones with a stupid government…

I distinctly remember seeing farmland in Mayo selling for €20k an acre. I think this really puts it all in perspective. And I would bet the £4-5k an acre in the UK refers to prime farming while the the land in Mayo is most probably full of stones and good for nothing but sheep. And I am sure it was the same all over the country… no offense intended to anyone from Mayo! A lovely part of the country, just not prime farming land I would have thought.

No. But the passed a bill to wind up banks that run into trouble.

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