Darragh, Ennis, Co. Clare (-161k 35.7%)

was 430k … cd=3&gl=ie

now 399k
daft.ie/searchsale.daft?sear … D=qpsvupst

now €380k
daft.ie/searchsale.daft?daft … D=qpsvupst

One of my favourites… One off house 4 miles outside of Ennis. Virtually impossible to get planning unless you are a local and in need of accomodation.

House is now for sale after just getting built :imp: :imp:

How do these people get planning when everyone else is shot down???

They obviously do not need the house if they are going to sell it and presumably the people who move in wont be locals so that locals only rule cant be that important either???

Now 335k

now €325k

Now 299k

Was 450k according to IPW.
Now 289k