David Dempsey owned development seized

No doubt about it ACC is cleaning house.

Great so given the latest on the Liam Carrol saga, can we expect Dempsey to look for a dig out from one of the Irish banks?
If the foreign banks are going to clean house are our grandchildren going to end up footing an even bigger bill as the Irish Banks step up to the rescue of their developer buddies?

And a damn good thing too.

They’ll liquidate these assets ASAP as they aren’t in denial about how bad Ireland I going to get. The prices they set will then become the benchmark for all the assets held by the other banks.

The bailed out banks & FF can either sit around with their thumbs up their asses, or they can follow suit & let the developers sink.

Unfortunately for the Irish Taxpayers, I think thumb up the ass is the best we can expect from FF & their cronies.

No doubt about it, ACC won’t be clearing houses out from underneath couples in Judge John Neilan’s District…


and slightly different version/context here
irishtimes.com/newspaper/ire … 54046.html

Check out the cross link I made above ff, there is a 3rd way for the banks.

At this stage, if all I get is a thumb I’ll be on my knees thanking Jeebus. I’m reckoning this is the scale of posterior assault we can expect.