David Duffy CEO AIB has a house for sale WIW

lovely looking house looking for between €4 and €5m.

No jokes about rehabilitating bankers please

Neighbours seem sound
irishexaminer.com/business/b … 19281.html

Anyway this is the EAs link, so how much would you pay

charlesmccarthy.com/532848/G … ereen_Cork

Even with a powerful sit-on lawnmower I reckon it would take at least 10 hours to mow that gigantic lawn. I thought it was a golf course at first.


Tut Tut, all the RIGHT people in West Cork have their grounds tended for them, well I presume that’s what they mean when I hear them talking about hedge funds :-GC

Even if you have a gardener, it still means you have the noise of a lawnmower going non stop all day, once a week in summer.

Which kind of defeats the purpose of having a holiday home in the country.

For this level of society ones gardener cuts the graaaas whilst one is out on ones yacht this is West Cork after all :stuck_out_tongue:

That guy mcniece the outgoing IMO CEO looks like he could afford it if he’s in the market for a west cork gaff

I would have no idea how much it’s worth but I’d imagine a lot less than 4 m

I wonder is the meagre pay on offer at aib just not enough to maintain this kind of holiday gaff

Enda and co must have pushed back on increasing the max lay again

Rather nice. Pontoon looks a bit exposed for anything other than a RIB though. I presume you’d have to keep your yacht on a swinging mooring out in the river.

u could turn the lawns into a meadow for hay might make 400 euro a year :smiley:

Sure that wouldnt even pay the property tax your not in SCD any more Totto :laughing:

Or you could go all contemporary and AstroTurf the whole lot. :open_mouth:

We always come back to the Indo, don’t we?

About 800k is all that delusional banker will be offered.

In order to head up a worthless tip like AIB ( whihc will come looking for more state aid in the next year) you need to know the price of nothing as well as the value of nothing…nothing being what AIB is actually worth.

I’m sure Duffy is a grand chap and clrearly not responsible for aib’s woes since he’s relatively new but I wonder would he accept payment in aib shares at feb 2007 prices.

If so I’d buy the gaff for 4m equivalent, assuming I could borrow from aib

independent.ie/business/iris … 50475.html

This is delusional. There is NO WAY that house could even creep above 2m in the current climate.

What is the agenda here?

Hmmm Seamark House Glandore made €3.7m in July 2012 have a look

michaelhdaniels.com/property … eamark.pdf

But this one has a deep water mooring harbour included in the sale, bragging rights for this must be worth a bar.

This one is much more desirable than duffys gaff I would think

I would tend to agree with you, interesting that the highest priced paid for a house in Cork City or County last year was for Seamark. Just goes to show the draw of West Cork. I reckon Mr Duffy could get €3 maybe €3.25m

You can’t really compare those two properties - can you?

Not for me. To paraphrase Othello: "Leverage, leverage, leverage! Oh, I have lost my leverage! I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial.

In as much as you can compare any two one off houses. Location seems to be the big thing with these types. Seamark has the better location Mr Duffys probably has better grounds. it will be fascinating to see what it goes for