David McKenna (Digger Outer) House Repossessed

I am surprised this has passed the world by. I will cover only the abbreviated version and give the publically known facts. I will leave the rest to the intrepid, fearless, never-say-die, hard-working investigative journalists.

David McKenna (remember him - of Marlborough International fame (chaired by Albert Reynolds - remember him - also Chairman of Bula who resigned before a very difficult shareholders’ meeting) ) who was also a supposed Bertie digger outer bought Nussbaum, Pear Tree Field, Carysfort Downs in 2007 for over €4 million (see independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 78917.html).

He did so with a mortage given by Irish Permanent.

His house was quietly repossed on Fri 18 Feb 2011 in the Circuit Court rather than the more high profile High Court.

See courts.ie/legaldiary.nsf/c5a … ht=0,kenna

Circuit Court (Dublin) Civil: 18th February 2011 Judges Motions
Before Her Honour Judge Linnane
At 10.00 am
Court 22,
Four Courts,
Dublin 7

1 2010/10151 Irish Life & Permanent Plc Trading As Permanent Tsb - V - David Mc Kenna And Elizabeth Mc Kenna

There is a two-month stay on the repossession.

Nussbaum means Nut Tree in German. This was apparently one tree Bertie did not want to climb for his mates, despite the fact the Mckenna allowed Bertie use his name for the absurd dig-out story. For those who need reminding:

independent.ie/national-news … 41291.html
tribune.ie/archive/article/2 … -version-/

I cannot believe 20% voted for Fianna Fail.

McKenna is believed to be in Saudi Arabia trying to launch some sort of mobile music/video social network thingy (Vimio - see independent.ie/business/iris … 80887.html).

Also a 100k judgement in Stubbs/ the Business Post

By one William Kilmurray of 33 Leeson St
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Excellent research jxbr, respect. A lot of shareholders badly burnt on Marlborough.

Looks like another house that he has on Avoca Avenue has had to be rented out to pay the mortgage

irishtimes.com/newspaper/ire … 27071.html

vimio.com (and Vimio plc (in liquidation)) not to be confused with vimeo.com/

Bank repossesses former home of Ahern supporter - → irishtimes.com/newspaper/ire … 27071.html

Maybe the plagiarising cunt from the Irish Times can credit this board for breaking the story a mere 6 months ago.

Is this the place referred to in the article I wonder?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ck/1545764

:slight_smile: Now… now… now…

You should know now that it hasn’t really happened unless it’s been reported by the paper of record!

No it’s not. The developer who built those houses built a large detatched private house accessed at the end of the road. That was the house bought by McKenna.

his is [edit: was] no. 8, as linked above