David Went to advise on distressed mortgages

Went to advise on distressed mortgages -> sbpost.ie/news/ireland/went- … 47254.html

Playing beggar-my-neighbour could prove a dangerous game - Kathleen Barrington -> sbpost.ie/post/pages/p/story … qqqx=1.asp

Affluent Dublin locale sees rush on debt assistance - Eamon Quinn -> tribune.ie/business/news/art … assistanc/

Is there any need for some people to see that they simply can’t afford the house they are presently living in? There seems to be an implicit assumption that this crisis has to pass without changing the context in which decent, respectable people find themselves in.

Ignore the home moaners - Neil Callanan -> tribune.ie/business/news/art … e-moaners/

I enjoyed the piece by Katherine Barrington with my marmalade this morning, my only quibble being that 11+14+7 = at least 32 bn…