Davy report, part 352



Was there a time in Ireland when in fact we had NO coackroches?

Methinks we will see the return of the snakes, wha, hu oh ho… dam too late :frowning:

Don’t look here

awe dude

you shall be punavenged

oh yes!

YES, you will!

Its all well and good welcoming the demise of traditional societal structures when there actually exists a vision with which to replace them.

Problem is that they have/are been/being replaced by a void of absolute nothingness.

Im convinced that the current dislocation which I detect all around me is a consequence of the seismic shift which has occurred of late and which leads indirectly, IMO, to the type of sickening carnage which occurred in Drimnagh last weekend.

If that is our brave new future I want my old job back.

Ah, now we’re getting somewhere…

I’ve a piece written about reconstructing morality, which I’ll throw up in the morning, my point really is you’re hung up on the details, you’re still conceiving your ideas within the old model…

Drimnagh, etc., has happened in the past, it’s not a new thing… And it’s root causes are in the old models…

well I dont see how endlessly increasing the earths population to HOLY SHIT THERE IS A BIG WASP BUZZING AROUND!!
now where was I! … regains composure

oh yes - we will eventually run out of room and resources if we keep populating the Earth. Sooner or later we need some sort of alternative that doesnt rely on a younger population to do all the work. Im thinking robots - isnt that what Germany has been doing the past few years?
sets stage for the terminator

No, I think Patriarchy is actually self regenerating.

Think about it: what segment of the popultion has the highest birth rate? The religious conservatives who believe in females being submissive to male husbands. True of US christians, Israeli Orthodox Jews, and hardline Muslims everywhere.

What happens to the birthrates among liberated women? It plummets, overall.

Think Patriarchy’s gone? Check out the demographic projections.

Ireland has never been patriarchal even during the church’s superdominant days. In patriarchal countries men took and influenced the preachers word and when they could not they changed it - luthernism, chalvinists.

In Ireland the priests pushed the new (forgiving God) not the old (fire and might God) testament so making it acceptable to Ireland’s female identity. While the priest was at the head of the community, he was surrounded by women’s town councils and through them was given the authority to preach. The men hid in the pubs. Yes some were violent, but they got as good as they gave. Most just spent all their free time submissive at home or in the pub bthing.

This is hard for most to accept but comes for our island mentality. Patriarchal minded men travelled to seek a living as economic downturn and difficult travel gave no choice. If you want to see patriarchal Irishmen look to Australian for the rebellious ones, USA for the entrepeneurs, England for the scientists and Europe for the artists. Of course things have changed in the last 20 years, but no way is there a drop of patriarchal identity in Ireland. Which might be a great time to advertise this identity to female engineers and scientists in abusively patriarchal countries - nice competitive advantage.

Its about the babies!
Who the fook is going to look after us when we are old and there’s no kids and the countryside now starts outside the pale as no-one lives that far out from the cites except farmers and retirees??

Its all well and good debating the past, but jaysus lads, this is a clear and present danger and if pinsters can’t even see that, i think we are all doomed, DOOMED I tells ya!!

Now THATS ^^ more like it,
nice work longtermrenter :wink:

seriously though…here is the “OH NO we are going to be working into our 70s!” thread :smiley:


Without having read the piece you refer to, I would be sceptical as to whether “morality” is something which can be easily constructed. Im aware that many perceive “morality” as simply a societal concept given validity by law. However, the idea that we are now in posession of a sufficiently large base of wisdom which allows us to reconstruct our entire moral compass, to my mind contains an inherent contradiction in that the replacing knowledge base would have to have been accumulated from within the parameters or in opposition to the concept of morality which it is attempting to replace.

There exists also the concept of natural law which has been rejected of late due to it having been invoked by people intent on using it to further specific religious beliefs. However, the possibility that a font of human knowledge exists which derives from what some would refer to as God, others the Universe/Mother Nature or others simply as our natural capacity for survival, cannot be dismissed out of hand IMO.

I think it was one of the Greek philosophers who said that the moral/ethical man should strive at all times for truth/beauty/justice etc. However, in his wisdom he also acknowledged that he was nowhere near achieving them or even properly grasping any of these concepts himself.

I agree that what happened in Drimnagh has happened in the past but for some reason the details of that incident scream out that something somewhere is seriously wrong and is not getting any better.

The morality we live today, is the morality constructed by capitalism, therein lies your answer…

I don’t seek to reconstruct morality, merely to say, let’s be done with the current version and move onto something different… If we recognise the fundamental meaninglessness of life, than we are free to change things entirely and no that doesn’t mean a descent into some sort of dystopia (i.e. the one we are living in currently) but rather a freedom to recast and reform all ideas…

Conventional morality, the idea of natural law have all been handed down on the basis not of wisdom but rather on the basis of propagating a hierarchy, ensuring privilege, ensuring want, ensuring destruction…

There are those who would feel there is wisdom in these traits and I don’t question really whether there is or there isn’t.

Here we go again :smiling_imp:

Capitalism is conceptually orthogonal to morality - it neither prevents it nor provides it - this is hardly surprising since it capitalism is solely the belief that the value of capital should be rewarded.

Given that capitalism has provides no moral guidance, it is obvious that those who rely on capitalism to provide such guidance are somewhat lacking.