De Dragons

Four out of five of the “Dragons” had “Property” as a pre-eminent element of their introductory spiel… is this show out of date already?

Do you know, I was shouting “and is now bust” at each one of them! Sorry other mods if that is glee, but my militant tendency comes out when I see awn-trup-inners who made “money” out of property.

Nothing to the glee that’s been dished out to Guinea Pig #1

We need “proof”…

Have you proof that Seanie Fitz is a thieving crook??? Where’s my proof!!!

Hmm Clean money, would be an intresting concept in this little country of ours 8)

One of them introduced as having made a fortune selling his father’s hotel.

Did DJ’s partner get the loot off Cendant for Needahotel or was there some dispute over Ryanair?
I tell you one thing if she got 60mill off anyone for that site, she really does deserve credit.


Good spot YM… it’s almost like a whole new word in need of a new definition…

OKay, I’ll start - fools who are not yet parted from their money.

Should some invest in elocution lessons first?

Fools who are not yet parted from the banks money?

Out of all of them I feel I could only ever go for a pint with Sean… the rest of them make my teeth itch.

So all you need to be considered an entrepreneur these days is to inherit something and then flog it?


awn-trup-inner - property mogul (Carbon Dated 2002-2010)

awn-trup-inner - government tax break dependent

awn-trup-inner - banker buster

awn-trup-inner - one who confuses debt with wealth

awn-trup-inner - a leverage lover

Why didn’t the bullock boys just describe their site as a carzone for cows? (I’d say they’ll do some scoring in coppers in the near future!)

Could have saved loadsa time there.

Also, it really bates me (read annoys) how people can go on these shows with no knowledge of previous series and that you gotta know the numbers.

how about calling 'em ‘Dinosaurs’ instead?

in the english one , you are forbidden to bring any paper work in with you.
im sure its the same for the irish one.
this means that you cannot refer to notes on expenditure/turnover/gross profit etc - as you would in a normal business meeting.
its not an excuse , because i believe people should have their figures as well but it does make it kinda understandable.

50k for a 30% stake in a website , up and running , with a huge user base , and already advertised nationally is a great deal.

I used to enjoy the UK version over the years, and was going to ignore the Oirish version, but found out yesterday that an acquaintance is on a later show in this series and decided to watch last nights out of curiosity.
Wish I didn’t bother now.
From the property-linked dragonflys looking to invest(just how many of those helicopters are still in their ownership?), to the owners of a web based bovine escort agency to a glossy mag about a single irish city…we are still the laughing stock.

I’ll keep watching to see if any dragons disappear in the later series’ due to ‘leaks’. :angry:

Don’t be so hard on yourself. The UK version is just as redundant and provincial. And the lads that had the idea of showcasing pedigree herds made as good a pitch as I’ve ever heard: savvy, likable, and committed to their plan. Quite why they flogged 30% for a pittance I have no idea.

And they are also looking to expand into the UK, the apparent source of all wisdom and ideas. And if they think about it, this could be replicated for sheep, pigs, deer, llamas, cats, dogs, or whatever you’re having yourself.

So, while much if it was dross (Boozeberries at a score a time, FFS), these lads offer precisely the type of enterprise we need.