De Meeja: 18.11.2010 (The Irish Media for our intl readers)

The media in Ireland seem to have woken up with a Bang in the last 24 hours. Unsurprisingly. Funny but tragic.

The point was made to me that the mainstream media really only got it when the international media groups began to land their reps to cover the sovereign collapse. We have all relied on external media

The opening question of any media interview should have begun thus,

“IMF criteria states they can only enter a sovereign country on invitation, did Brian Lenihan and our Taoiseach Brian Cowen invited the IMF in, is this case Minister? Is this the case? Answer the question” Is this the case? Where the IMF invited in by our Government, Brian Lenihan and Brian Cowen etc… etc …"

A rhetorical torpedo.

Did anyone put it to them in the media thus far? If so send in the link. Thanks!

We’re going to see lots of dirty little secrets come tumbling out of cupboards now that the IMF will have access to the books. I would imagine that now that FF has lost control over the media that we’ll see these stories on a regular basis.

The Editorial In The Galway Advertiser

Springtime for Ireland and Germany…
Galway Advertiser, November 11, 2010.

The market is nothing to do with Germany, it is a pastiche German event organised by Englishmen. More from that article here