De Selby Green

Had a look at this property last weekend. Have to say its a very nice house.

EA said that they have an offer of 210k on it and that they turned down an offer of 240k a couple of months back. Looking at ipw site i can only see the house list for 249k max which makes me think the EA was just spinning a yarn to jack up any offers i was going to make.

Anyway told him the house was nice but not 210k or more nice and he should advise seller to take 210k while still on the table. I see it still hasn’t gone sale agreed.

liger79, are you familiar with this area or can someone who is please tell me
if the immediate vicinity should have any bearing on the
price of that house, now and in the future (Kiltalown, Sundale, Cloonmore, Bawnlea)
It looks like a nice house but you almost never hear anything good about Jobstown. 69k

Avoid at all costs. A strange place in the middle of nowhere surrounded by an utter kip

That house is borderline citywest. The nearest area’s are sundale and kiltalawn.

Sundale meadows is a two minute walk from de selby green and 100k less.

Even the newer belfry estate has cheaper properties than the de selby green house. I think they just want to try and make their money back from the work they put in the house. If i had the money i’d be looking in the Corbally area of citywest but i dont.

Is there any housing estate in dublin that doesn’t have a kip nearby???

girlfriend grew up down the road (brookfield) - wouldnt go near it at that price, EA sounds like cn*t - 210K is loads for that house.

160-180K if even…

nice enough normal house, estate not even the worst in that area but i wouldnt live so close to all those kips.

note: only really have passing knowledge of that particular estate, but as for the area - i have countless firsthand stories how how big a kip it is (dog kidnaped for ransom by nackers, auld fella crashed head on by uninsured nackers, numerous break-in attempts… i could go on but wont.)

Long time lurker here, but couldn’t resist passing on my knowledge of De Selby :slight_smile:

Back in 2000/2001, myself and the other half were renting when my sis said hey it’s dead money etc. DeSelby are doing a deal where you can get a house for (to the best of my memory) £150,000, with tax relief (again, I think Section 23). Well why not we thought and we put a deposit down.

Then we went to our solicitor, who thanks be to God was my GFs dad. He didn’t say don’t do it, but instead drove us around the area where we saw the smashed windows on the estate, the close proximity to truly awful estates etc and the doozy was driving through DeSelby at night, we heard the thumping techno music that our would-be next door neightbour was playing from our car across the road. Needless to say, we passed. With our solictor’s counsell, and seeing as we had our mortgage approval in place, we bought elsewhere.

Anyway, hello Pinsters. I’m usually suspicious of posters who’ve joined here in the last 6 months, but since the site was brought to my attention in 2008, I made a decision to sell my “2 gaffs” and I’m happily renting in Foxrock ready to pounce. Thing is, as the months go by the more I think I won’t be pouncing in this country!

Probably not, but the place next to de-selby is an uber-kip

This is for the most part true but there just seems to be so many up there and
these areas are so dependent on social spending both from national and local government
which will only be cut in the future as this decade long, economic train wreck rolls on.

As you point out within a few minutes walk there’s quite a number of 3 bed houses in
private estates that are asking between 99-130k but even at such low prices they seem
to be on the market for a long time. Someone on the Pin went to view the one for 99k
over the weekend and said there’s 6 boarded up houses in the estate, you have to ask
yourself why.
Soon if not already houses like these will be worth more if they are torched for the insurance.

Anyone know if it’s true that Tallaght has only one Garda station even though it’s bigger
than Limerick?

EAs say the strangest things. So the offer of 240K was rejected, but they’re still considering the 210K offer?

Yes there is only only cop shop in tallaght. Central location next to the square.

And as for the area, i drove up there a couple of time just to check it out at different times and it didnt look bad, the green area in front of the house was well kept and noting crazy going on but i wouldnt be offering anything over 180k for that house now. and as the kind people here have suggested, best to wait until after budget, and beyond.

I just wish rent prices would drop quicker too so i could go somewhere nicer than i am at right now.

What about this site on the same street, can a house be built for 130k?

€59,000, 3 Bed Site For Sale - 1,000m²
Site @ 35 Deselby Green … … 5&pid=5874 … 48,0,5.42

I don’t think that wall would be as effective a Belfast peace line though. … 88396.html

Haha! Hey Barney, the EA I got to sell the first house was terrible. It was months on the market with tonnes of viewings but no interest and never any feedback. Eventually I cornered him and asked him what the deal was…

He mentioned they all complained the grass was too long - like thanks for telling me!!!

So I spent a whole weekend cutting the grass and it was sold a few weeks later!

Wouldn’t be that easy now I reckon…

By the way, thanks everyone on the Property Pin. Before I found this site I was going to buy a third place - an appartment!! I shudder to think that I would have been buying at the very top of the market.

I sold my 2nd house this time last year for much much cheaper than any house in the area. They’re mostly all going for the same price or less now.

It seems the guys selling DeSelby green house dont have a clue, I and at least 4 other people viewed this property and i’m sure we all had the same response when they said, oh by the way we have an offer of 210k on the house. Thanks but way too expensive.

Now to me this estate agent would have the contact numbers of 5 people looking to buy in the area so when this house: came onto their books wouldnt the first thing they should do is ring back those people and say, hey we have a new property in that area a lot cheaper than the one you looked at. Sorry for the slight rant but i’d hate to be trying to sell my house and depending on these guys.