Dead cat bounce strong in Ringsend

21 St. Patrick Villas sold by Bennetts EA for €120k in January 2012 … lin-4-1004

6 St. Patricks Villas sold for €347k (67 sqm 2 bed terraced house) … enDocument … -4/2534510

I gather no. 6 was in better condition but this is some increase in the last 18 months. As crazy as the price for no. 6 is, I believe that houses like this here were selling for €600k in the summer of 2006, this would have cost over €30k in stamp duty then too. I think no. 21 was a bit of a steel despite what condition it may have been in. All the new company’s that have set up around GCD seems to be pushing the rents and prices up here rectally more than the average.

347K for a 67m2 2-bed in Ringsend - 5.2K per square meter - something’s being pushed up rectally alright, and I don’t think it’s a thermometer.

Either a nice payday or less negative equity following the owner around.

The only scenario where it is not all good is if they are trading up in SCD.

Sometimes the pin forgets that with no development high prices result in a winner and a loser.

Very close to Facebook, maybe some cashing in their shares

The who?


More like something fishy going on.

How come this “cottage” about 2 doors down from Google HQ ain’t shifting at 190k then? Its small but if there was desperation it would have been snapped up by a Googler(work nearby) or an investor to rent out to a Googler. … -4/2517539

'Cos 90k would be a more realistic price for that place. I’ve seen it, only good as a small shop or something.

I’ve seen it too, tiny, only the ground floor in the sale and no outside space to speak of. It’s also on a fairly rank stretch of road very near the haulage yard. Not a good comparison. Still shocked Patricks villas reached that price though .

If its that tiny, its suitable for a 1bed. Easily rentable right beside Google.

Barrow st is not flood prone, St Patricks Villa’s is.

33 Ringsend road was brought for €160k in 2011 needing work and was sold a year later done up for €295k. … -4/2675656. Another fairly large increase in the area in a short period of time. 75 has no garden, it was completely built over.

Forgive my ignorance - what do you mean by “only the ground floor in the sale”?

Viewed this a while ago…best feature is the olive tree in the garden :angry:

Interesting to compare 49 Ringsend Rd to 75 on same street, 90k dearer for roughly same size but the attic room in the cheaper house looks far better (both in your link)

33 Ringsend road was brought in 2011 for €160k needing renovation, it was done up and sold a year later for €295k and featured in the ‘‘flipping heck’’ tread then too. But the flip seems to have bit early. 49 which was a similar mid terraced house is now on at €515k. … -4/2918836