Dead Cat?

Looks like a dead cat to me…


Is that for all of Ireland, though? In fairness, you’d have to bring it down to South of the Liffey as that is the only place accused of having a dead cat and price increases.

For those who want to see a dead cat in SCD

I haven’t seen a single person on this entire site argue that property prices are rising anywhere but Dublin, and yet we have extremely silly posts such as above.

Perhaps we should start talking about how the weather along the Nile is so nice this time of year for the bears? :unamused:

…over on thepropertypump there’s a thread called “Market cyclical of emotions” where visitors estimate the emotional response of pinsters to the SCD market recovery.

My guess is somewhere between Anxiety and Denial :smiley:

Denial :slight_smile:

Soon they’ll deny it ever existed. It was all a fairytale. For children. Science has shown us the error of our ways… oh sorry wrong thread. XD