Dead Queen


Feb 4

Queen Elizabeth II will die on September 8th 2022

Feb 4, 2022 · 7:45 PM UTC · Twitter Web App


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Queen asked for poverty grant to heat palaces

Ministers refused royal request, saying handouts were aimed at schools, hospitals and housing associations to help low-income families

The Queen requested a poverty grant to help heat her palaces, but was refused because government ministers feared it would cause a public relations backlash, it was reported today.

In an effort to cut the royal household’s soaring electricity and gas bills, a senior aide wrote to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport in 2004 to ask if the Queen would be eligible for a handout from a £60m energy-saving fund.

The cost of utilities doubled in 2004 and the aide said the £1m bill for the royal palaces was “untenable”. He also complained that the £15m government grant to maintain the Queen’s palaces was inadequate.

Queen asked for poverty grant to heat palaces | Monarchy | The Guardian

Where’s my Ma’ama? :getmecoat:

Favourite son - Randy Andy.

Look at the state of the flag on the coffin! That cannot be normal etiquette.

Yes, that’s the Queen’s standard. It is the flag that’s raised when she is staying at the Palace.

It’s the creases… for a Monarch’s (or military) funeral it should be perfectly ironed, surely. It’s not just not ironed, there are (some small but) deep creases - look at the front end on this shot.

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Didn’t we have this flag crease tell with Bush Snrs funeral too?

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FYI if you’re holding Sterling notes :wink:


Are they starving the girls

If anyone is interested the coverage of the funeral and ceremonial is far better on the French TV News Channel BFMTV than any of the UK TV channels. Respectful without being simpering. Plus better mix of video feeds to show what is going on.

BBC commentary of the death of Kim Jong Il overlaid on recent British royal video.


Dead Queen was more or less starters orders for the final battle to commence.