Death of Aishling Murphy, Media Coverage, Public Reaction and more


The headline is below the headline.


Same as the NKencho case - Irish media & tabloids all self-censored for days, Sunday Times broke the embargo and gave details.


Quite frankly, if you’ve had omicron, you don’t need the booster.
The inoculation caused by the virus will be better than any booster!


If you have had what now?

And how many of the what NOWS?


So…the second suspect in this case is also an Eastern European.

What are the chances?

Well, according to the report from the Rape Crisis Network as posted and linked above - the chances are seven times more likely.


Indo also - Eastern European.


More bullshit, unless they add more prison places its all lies and bullshit, when the next election rolls around they will all promise extra Guards but thats pointless, we need more prison places

Letter to the IT understands the problem and knows the solution

I expect no change


We’re reliving the 80’s. Back then the media would have interviewed a bishop who’d announce ‘we need to return to prayer, society is worsening’

Now feminist talking head on radio news ‘we need more education in schools ie propaganda’ How would that have stopped violence by a man not educated in an Irish school?

Feminist migration advocates (including Varadkar and the McEntee) must hold together a world view that explains:

  • we’re progressing as a society
  • metrics on violence and family breakdown are worsening
  • taking us back to the 1950s are you?
  • the 1950s was safer according to any metric
  • diversity is our strength
  • Eastern Europeans are 7 times as likely to be convicted of rape
  • we have shown great resilience during Covid
  • we must lower levels of social trust through migration


Politicians logic:
We need more prison spaces to lock up all these violent men in society.
In order to pay for this we need to broaden the tax base.
Therefore we need increased levels migration.


This is the very same NGO/academia cabal who will uniformly parrot slogans such as “sex work is work” but either ignore or fail to comprehend the horror of over 4400 Irish women, mainly 3rd level educated and in their 20s, openly prostituting (sugarbabies :roll_eyes:) themselves on just a single website. Or the hundreds more permanently degrading (empowering :roll_eyes:) themselves on onlyfans etc.


Speaking of which universities in Scotland are apparently preparing guidelines for any female students who wish to start selling themselves as prostitutes.

Society is become utterly degenerate. I look at the classical architecture of these institutions, the statues, the geometry & chapel acoustics, the beauty of them all… and think the people who built them would weep to see how society has fallen.



The woman who broke that story is herself a pornographer

And you’d have to be thinking the killer was a porn guy

But Irish feminists are all “sex positive” so there’s no contradiction or shame

But the $3 a month woman clearly hates her clients and considers them pathetic as she retweeted

And she thinks “flashing online” should be an offence…but she does it for a living


I’m not sure thats true, its illegal to pay for sex, which was something most Irish feminists supported, I think the Labour party might want to change the law again

I doubt many feminists support that either

I feel terrible now, defending feminists isn’t something I like doing


Hang on, hang on…not so fast, wasn’t the whole argument for women to not start their families young (similarly too for men) while a husband provided, was that going to college to get a degree etc. etc. would guarantee work and even a career and thus mitigate the need to walk the street as a lady of the night, because of the absence of a husband, which they were told they didn’t need in the first place if they wanted a degree to avoid the perils of not having a providing husband, I mean… eh,… :thinking:

I believe the game is truly and suddenly up. :icon_beer:


Yup. Marital & motherhood rates among career women are low. Job & financial security absolutely not guaranteed. Sexism, classism & cronyism is (shock horror) present in the workplace & does effect both men & women, but women have the additional biological clock.


Does that not seem like a setup (for the online saftey bill), with some deja vu thrown in…

Why anyone uses the spy listening surveillance hub also know as ZOOM is beyond me at this point, it seems so openly hack-able for the ordinary folk, imagine what the ccp-cyber-army can do, among many other state level actors. :whistle:


Moved on from looking for a bike, to searching for a tracksuit


This is just blatantly transparent-who talks in full NGO propaganda like that?. Add in Sam McConkey’s radio comments today and you’d almost think they were planting the seeds of locking down men for some reason…


We know that it’s ‘not all men’. I myself am surrounded by incredibly kind, sensitive men, such as my boyfriend, family members, friends and work colleagues. But it doesn’t matter that not all men are like that because sadly there are so many who are and who accept it.

As the men surrounding her became more and more passive & timid…her life became more dangerous. Lesson in there.