Death of Aishling Murphy, Media Coverage, Public Reaction and more


Feminism, anti-Christianity & anti-Nationalism: mission accomplished


I do remember the days of two doors our lounge only… smelt better & nicer seats :stuck_out_tongue:


And so the Slovakian charged. Angry crowd at court. Other guy released.


Video of him being rushed into the van here:


Only 1 way to turn Rte off.


Things are getting spicy. You may see masks suddenly discouraged.

They’re used to dealing with the consequences of misbehaviour. 1000 years practice. I assume they’ll keep their heads down for a few weeks, send the women out on errands.


The latest attempt at narrative-craft appears to be that this man is a Slovakian national and that any comment on the matter is tantamount to an attack on ‘immigrants’ (presumably Poles and the like who have generally come here to work and who pay tax and integrate etc).

It’s important to note that while this man may hold a Slovakian passport, he is a Roma gypsy who appears not to have worked since arriving in Ireland. He appears to be in receipt of housing, disability benefit and unemployment payments, as well as, presumably, childrens allowance payments for each of his 5 children.

Reports have suggested that he has lived in a number of EU states and that Gardaí are currently attempting to determine whether he has amassed criminal convictions elsewhere prior to him arriving in Ireland. If he has it will merit comment and discussion despite any suggestions to the contrary that may be likely to emanate from official Ireland.


The focus continues


The question here is whether there will now be any focus on what the criteria are to claim benefits. All in all he would have been coining quite a bit and if you look at it from his point of view he would be foolish not to avail of such generosity when he is not going to have such an income from where he is from. I know of anecdotal cases of homeless criteria being used to claim HAP (and then I assume unemployment etc) for what seem to be very short time periods of being in this country.

Nothing is going to be mentioned until a verdict is reached. I suspect many eyes will be opened then.


How long will that take? The courts in Ireland aren’t exactly quick…


Don’t look there, look here!

1/ THREAD Over the course of the past 48 hours many of us have witnessed individuals and groups of the far right try to exploit the brutal murder of #AislingMurphy to further their own political goals.



They’re memory holing this. 18 hours after charges. Nothing on RTE, well down the page on IT and Independent. After a week of slurs against Irishmen and the Education system.

But the good people in Ireland do not forget. They remember.



Umar al-Qadri


That is jokeshop level stuff

while perpetrators are of all backgrounds, women of colour are more likely to be victims of violence both globally and here in Ireland.
Two Muslim women – Seema Banu and Zeinat Dashabsheh – represent 20 per cent of the women killed violently in the State in 2020 and 2021. For context, Muslims represented 1.3 per cent of our population at the time of the 2016 census and the best estimates place the current figure at about 3 per cent.

Both of these Muslim women were killed by Muslim men

Progress has been made – the appointment of an inspiring Pakistani-Irish woman, Fahmeda Naheed, as a diversity officer in An Garda Síochána is a move of which we can all be proud – but more must be done, and quickly.

Might that be only required because of the level of honour killings and beatings in the Pakastani community.


Completely disappeared from RTE.


Well I always thought “violence is violence” yea,

I didn’t know some violence was more equal than other violence, more violenty, and on that point, has any one pointed out to these “women” TD’s that the law makes it very highly super duper illegal against anyone, and including women, and yet crimes, even murders still occur.

The law is funny that way, it doesn’t mention sex particularly when it comes to the fundamental crimes and heinous acts, similarly to the Bible, so you have to wonder, how can you get more inclusive than than that, if you keep peddling narratives-ideas that want to make violence an exclusive thing, for a sub-set of anybody’s and somebodies, more than other somebodies and anybody’s.

Maybe the man thought she was a clump of cells? Like those people who burned down abortion clinics in the US, just a pile of bricks no? :man_shrugging:

I tell you one thing, if a man ever looked at me even a bit cross like and started to get a bit close, I’d be sefl-identifying as a woman and filing a report in double quick time with the police. If you are a man too, you should consider same, and not support the institution of male-gender-based-extra-super-violence and ideas that men are not violent toward all women.


There is no Liberal Ireland solution for what happened to Ashling Murphy. A 1950 Traditional Irish person would instinctively say, ‘No. We shouldn’t let any Romany gypsies into Ireland’

But Liberal Ireland could never just say this. It would breach their values, earn condemnation. It would suggest that there is such a thing as The Irish People. So instead it will create enormous “education initiatives”, “outreach programs” etc so it can say it is doing something. It is willing to lie and spend millions and defame Irish men in order to avoid the obvious: there shouldn’t be any Roma in Ireland. They all came post 1997. This is a problem created by all the main political parties since then.


I wonder will Pavee Point regret having their wagons so tightly coupled to the Roma brand?
There are characteristics of Roma life that are much more difficult to gloss over and whitewash compared to the regular Irish Traveller community.


If the Irish public even had the slightest inkling of the stuff they do…

Why aren’t any teachers, social workers, NGOs or police asking why 100% of their 12 to 15 year old girls here go AWOL?


This Times UK journalist asked the same question. The second half of this speech talks about this. Utterly shocking.