Dec 31st, 2020

This was supposed to be the OP written around April when I created this thread, which was about an OP I was intending to create the end of 2019.

On the 31st of December 2019, I had a notion to write a short whimsical state of the nation address, along the lines of how 2020 would be a whopper year and how no one would be truly prepared, all very vague and ominous but a cap to the various “no one is prepared” comments I had peppered across the forum for a period, since a user asked me recently enough what that was all about, so I thought I would clarify for the collective if it had any value.

However, I did not get to write that 2019 closing post, due to the fact I became rather ill on New Years eve night, and that carried on for the next two weeks, but by the time Soleimani was taken out I realised the moment had passed, it had begun.

So I am writing in the spirit of the post but fictionally in the future. It was also a long long time since I was sick, could I manage the focus to even write something any way involved, such where the very strange and lingering after effects that I have never experienced before.

It is the 31st of Dec, 2020, 11pm.

Most now realised how unprepared they were as they looked back at 2020 with a collective WTF, many thought the first few months were bad but that was not the end of the incredible upheaval, having made it through in one piece while just about holding onto their minds, the petrodollar collapse and ensuing currency reset was tough enough but the attempted disruption to cancelling of Christmas had been too strange for many too take.

Life was for living but when your life becomes a history book written live, you soon find out all the living up to that point of living either helped you or not. It is easy to talk about paradigm shift, it is a whole other thing to live during one cosmic spin of the wheel of fortune. More than a shakedown in the shower.

The children did fine and Gold was important once again.

My April draft never got expanded on or posted, and now here we are in early June, there has been a lot to distract the imagination… since April we’ve morphed into the US riots. Well. If it is not clear by now. Things will not be settled until the November elections in the US. If they happen. I think they will. Despite the push to cause maximum damage and disruption. We are all wrapped up in this one way or another. The rest of the year and events will make it all clear. I am sure.

Though I retain a broadly super optimistic outlook for the end of the year, that is for humanity long term and it’s collective trek into the future.

To qualify it somewhat. I think it will be a net-negative for Ireland, socially, culturally, politically and economically - Ireland has it’s work cut out for itself, that is if Ireland is not willing to take real chances, standup and fight new corners, not the old or false constructs and strike paths to better things. A time to be brave.

Then we have a real chance to enjoy the fruits of what looks to be beyond amazing, right just up ahead, if we would only turn our heads away from the show of the living nightmare for one second, perhaps to stop believing, for long enough, then it might be seen, the rays appearing over the horizon of a new world, but it might require an event (or run of events as we have now) or maybe just one single piece of information that will in the end catalyse the collective WTF head turn, that sees us free from the burden of the menace.

Once and for all.

Such things as you have never seen before.

Is Santa coming this year?