DEC 7, 2010 : What are the French up to now?

Trying to organise a bank run, that’s what… read it for yourself

Up on facebook

More information → … 78657.html google translate]

That website hurts my brain.

Interesting that the French way of protest is to gather people to withdraw their savings i.e. refuse to continue to support the banks. The Irish, meanwhile, have no such plans but do have plans to stop paying their mortgage i.e. insist on the banks subsidising their lifestyles.

Damned if I can find my own post -but its about 18 months or more since on here, I suggested a mortgage strike for the ordinary punter together with a withdrawal of all funds from any bank in receipt of a bailout and not paying utility bills until the bailiff was at the door, The system could not have fought mass revolt and civil disobedience on that scale. It would not have required even a mini-riot to bring the fuckers to heel.

Well, a fair number of people have already done that… those who have savings. Look at the “eur wedge on the edge” thread. Course, some of us have put our savings into French banks… :nin

The banks staff should go on strike that day.

Just like Monty Python. The French national Crack Suicide Squad.

Its not be the best idea ever but it may stop the government from taking the people for granted.

Has anybody (FF, GP, EU) considered how the Irish people would like to deal with the current economic challenges (broke banks, developers and budget deficit)?