Decent estates in Blackrock



I am looking for a 3-bed house in Blackrock area. I would love to hear suggestions on family-friendly estates in the area (we have two young kids). My research shows Carysfort Park and Cloisters are reasonably decent ones. What do you think? Would you have further suggestions?

Orpen Close

Really depends how deep your pockets are and what your definition of “Blackrock” is.

Daughter has a friend in Carysfort Woods which is probably 1990s built (with the Obelisk near the entrance) - it’s a very well kept estate.

If you were prepared to do some work I’d go for Ardagh - old 1950s houses but decent gardens and quiet roads. There are some small developments dotted around the place - it’s a case by case basis.

Some of the places off Newtown Park Avenue - e.g Knocksinna are very pricey but nice.

Come up with a budget and you’ll get some more refined suggestions.


Hi, thanks for your comments, I appreciate it. Our budget is around €550K (max €600K) and we would prefer stay close to the village and public transport.

I didn’t think about Carysfort Woods as it’s a bit far from Blackrock village. I was very much focused on Cloisters & Carysfort Park. However when I check it’s not a big walking difference between them and Carysfort Woods.

Where exactly is Knocksinna (wasn’t sure from Maps)? Is it near Stillorgan road?



They’re probably well above your budget but Knocksinna Cresent, and Knocksinna Park - is off Granville Road, which in turn is off Newtown Park Ave (First turn right coming from N11.) Fairly sizeable detached dormer type bungalows.

You may have to compromise on location a bit…the two places you mentioned appear to be a bit above your budget. (See below)

How about sometime like this - well within your budget?

Personally, I would go out a little further on the N11 for better value. This one ticks a lot of boxes location wise:


Hi again, thanks a lot for your message. I’ve realized I haven’t replied before.

I also wanted to ask about Rockville estate, which is behind Newpark Sports Center. It is a decent walk to the village with nice green area. What do you think?